01 Dec 2012

HBS Alumni in Harvard Leadership Roles

Re: Paul Finnegan (MBA 1982); Joe O'Donnell (MBA 1971); Jim Rothenberg (MBA 1970); Flavia Almeida (MBA 1994); Photo Anagnostopoulos (MBA 1985); Ronald Cohen (MBA 1969); Charlene Li (MBA 1993)


With new and continuing appointments, HBS alumni are playing key roles in the governance structure of Harvard University. In September, Theodore Wells (MBA 1974/JD 1976) was elected to the Harvard Corporation by members of the Corporation and with the consent of the Board of Overseers. Formally known as the President and Fellows of Harvard College, the Corporation is the principal fiduciary governing board of the University's two boards, the Board of Overseers being the other. Among the Corporation's other 12 members are Paul Finnegan (MBA 1982), Joseph O'Donnell (MBA 1971), and James Rothenberg (MBA 1970).

The Board of Overseers exerts influence over the University's strategic direction, counsels its leaders, and periodically reviews Harvard's schools and departments. Elected by Harvard alumni as Overseers this year were Michael Lynton (MBA 1987) and Tracy Palandjian (MBA 1997), who join Flavia Buarque de Almeida (MBA 1994), Photeine Anagnostopoulos (MBA 1985), Sir Ronald Cohen (MBA 1969), and, ex officio, James Rothenberg on the 30-person board.

Elected to the 18-person board of directors of the Harvard Alumni Association, whose president is Carl Muller (MBA/JD 1976), were John Bowman (MBA 1985) and Michael Kerr (MBA 1985), who join sitting member Charlene Li (MBA 1993). The HAA is involved in many alumni-oriented activities, such as Harvard's alumni clubs (some 180 worldwide), reunions, and travel programs.

Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

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