01 Dec 2012

Howard's Gift


"We can all use a wise man or woman in our lives," Eric Sinoway writes (with Merrill Meadow) in his new book, Howard's Gift. For Sinoway, a student at the Harvard Kennedy School, that wise man was HBS professor Howard Stevenson, Sinoway's adviser for an independent study project. A legendary teacher who pioneered the study of entrepreneurship, Stevenson (now emeritus) is also known by many people as the same caring friend he became to Sinoway. The real goal to strive for in life, Stevenson teaches, is satisfaction, rather than success. Blending emotion and analysis, Howard's Gift offers an entrepreneurial approach—and a practical road map—to attaining that prize. "We must have a values-based vision of ourselves, of who we are and what we believe," Sinoway quotes Stevenson as saying, if we are to make full use of life's opportunities. Howard's Gift aims to help readers accomplish both those things.


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