01 Sep 2010

An Encore for the MBA Oath


The student-initiated MBA Oath, a pledge not to advance personal interests at the expense of an enterprise or society, has graduated in one year from being viewed as a “fad” to a “movement.” That was the upbeat message student leaders presented to about 300 members of the Class of 2010 who gathered in Burden Auditorium on Class Day for a pledge ceremony. The students were joined by several hundred family members and friends.

Last year, roughly half of the Class of 2009 signed the oath, an event that generated widespread media attention for the School and inspired over 4,000 MBAs in the United States and around the world to participate.

The MBA Oath grew out of concern over the widespread criticism leveled at business schools and MBAs regarding the global economic crisis. The oath is an attempt to set business graduates on an ethical path and restore public trust in business institutions. Read the complete oath at www.mbaoath.org.


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