01 Dec 2011

Crazy Days of Summer


As winter’s icy winds make the walk across the Weeks Footbridge feel like a trek to the Arctic Circle, hot sunny days can seem a distant memory. But summer will return to the Charles River and with it perhaps another manic round of “leisure diving,” which the Boston Herald (August 5, 2011) described as “jumping into a body of water, fully clothed, while striking a lounging pose midair.”

“When you get guys together in their spare time, these kinds of stupid things emerge organically,” said Ed Foy (MBA ’11), who along with Brian Thorne (MBA ’11) invented the fad. Photos of their stunts (do not attempt in winter) had over 500,000 views just hours after being posted on their website. Leisure diving went viral, Foy said, because anyone with access to a pool or lake can do it. Observed Thorne, “Leisure diving just screams summer fun.”

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Featured Alumni

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