General Information

What constitutes Harvard Business School alumni status?

A Harvard Business School alumnus/a is defined as any person receiving a degree from Harvard Business School in a qualifying program.

Current HBS programs that grant alumni status include:

  • Advanced Management Program (AMP)
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • General Management Program (GMP)
  • Joint Program with Harvard Kennedy School (MPP/MBA and MBA-MPA/ID)
  • Joint Program with Harvard Law School /Master in Business Administration (JD/MBA)
  • Joint Program with Harvard Medical School /Master in Business Administration (MD/MBA)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Owner/President Management Program (OPM)
  • PhD in Business Economics (PhDBE or PhDBusEc)
  • PhD in Information, Technology, and Management (PhDITM)
  • PhD in Organizational Behavior (PhDOB)
  • PhD in Science, Technology, and Management (PhDSTM)
  • President's Program in Leadership (PPL)
  • Program for Leadership Development (plus completion of 10 open-enrollment program days) (PLDA)
  • Senior Executive Leadership Program – India (SELPIA)
  • Senior Executive Program, China (SEPCA)

Retired HBS programs which granted alumni status (all attendees are members of the current HBS alumni community)

  • Individuals in the MBA Class of 2006 or earlier having completed one year of the HBS MBA program
  • International Senior Management Program (ISMP)
  • Central and Eastern European Teachers' Program (ETP)
  • Doctor of Commercial Science (DCS)
  • The General Manager Program™ (TGMP)
  • Harvard-Radcliffe Program in Business Administration (HRPBA)
  • Industrial Administrator (IA)
  • International Senior Management Program (ISMP)
  • International Teachers' Program (ITP)
  • Middle-Management Program (MMP)
  • Mid-Officer Certificate (MOC)
  • PhD in Decision Sciences (PhDDS)
  • Program for Global Leadership™ (PGL)
  • Program for Management Development (PMD)
  • Programs for Health System Management (PHSM)
  • Senior Executive Program for the Middle East (SEPME)
  • Senior Executive Programme for Africa (SEPSA)
  • Veterans' Certificate (VC)
  • Visitor for Individual Studies (VIS)
How do I get proof of graduation or a copy of my transcript?

Transcripts, replacement diplomas, and certificates of attendance may be obtained through MBA Registrar Services. For information, go to:

Where can I find contact information for sectionmates or classmates, or get a list of fellow alumni?

Go to the HBS Alumni Directory to search for classmates by name, company, location, industry and many other categories of information.

Alumni may also send an e-mail to section and classmates by using the E-mail My Class tool: Please note the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I am not an HBS Alumnus, how can I get contact information for HBS alumni?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any information regarding HBS alumni to those who are not also alumni.

LEFA username, password, email forwarding

What is a LEFA and how can I update it?

Your Lifelong E-mail Forwarding Address (LEFA) gives you access to protected areas of the HBS alumni Web site. For information on your LEFA's benefits or to update it, go to:

How do I set up e-mail (LEFA) forwarding?

If you know your LEFA and password, then you may designate an e-mail forwarding address here. If you do not know your password, reset your password by using this Reset Your Password Web page.

Please understand that your LEFA is a forwarding address for e-mail, not an actual e-mail address. An e-mail sent to your LEFA is forwarded by the LEFA servers to a personal e-mail address that you designate. The LEFA is not a traditional e-mail account that you might check via the Web or via a POP server.

I've forgotten my username. How can I retrieve it?

Retrieve your username by using this Retrieve Your Username web page.

I've forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Reset your password by using this Reset Your Password web page.

I received a suspicious e-mail from HBS. (Would HBS ever ask for my password?)

From time to time you may receive e-mails addressed to your LEFA that appear to be official messages from HBS IT, but are in fact fraudulent e-mails devised to extract sensitive, private information. Recent messages have been addressed to " User," a term HBS does not employ. In addition they ask you to send via e-mail your username and password. NOTE: HBS will never ask you to e-mail your password or other sensitive information.

This type of fradulent messages is often referred to as a "phishing" e-mail. Below are some steps to take to avoid falling victim of a phishing scheme.

  • Be extra careful when you receive an email requesting sensitive data. HBS, banks, or any legitimate service will never ask for sensitive information through email. As a precaution, contact the company from which the email apparently originates (using a phone number from a statement or their official Web site, not any phone number provided in the email) to check that the email is legitimate.
  • To repeat - HBS will never ask you for sensitive information via email.
  • Update your browser to one that identifies phishing sites. Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 (and higher) as well as versions of Mozilla Firefox newer than 2.0 maintain a list of known phishing sites and will check Web sites against the list. Firefox 2 and later uses Google anti-phishing software and Internet Explorer will ask you to turn on the anti-phishing utility after you install it.
  • Hover over (but don't click!) any links embedded in the email. Frequently, a URL will look legitimate at first glance, but you will see when hovering over the link it actually goes to a fraudulent site.
  • For additional information, and to test your phishing knowledge, visit or the Microsoft Web site
  • If you have fallen victim, please contact the Alumni Records Office: 617.384.5977;
Why did I receive a spam message from my own LEFA address?

The appearance of spam messages from your own e-mail address can be disconcerting, but it is not the result of a security breach in the HBS computer systems. The most likely cause is a virus attack on a personal computer of someone who has your LEFA address in their contact list or elsewhere on their computer. These spam viruses then "spoof" the e-mail return address by using an e-mail address found on the machine. Best practice is simply to delete the message.

HBS IT is committed to spam protection and is continually reviewing and updating its techniques to slowing the flow of spam. To help HBS monitor the amount of spam messages reaching alumni, you may report spam here:

HarvardKey login & HBS LEFA login

What is HBS LEFA login and what can I access with it?

The HBS LEFA login refers to the username and password combination needed to access the protected areas of the Alumni Website, including the Alumni Directory and Profile, Alumni CareerHub, Class Notes, and the Email Messaging Service.

More on LEFA and password are available at:

What is HarvardKey and what can I access with it?

HarvardKey is the University’s new username and password credentials needed to access non-HBS Harvard alumni services. It applies to services linked from As of September 22, 2015, your previous alumni.harvard username and password no longer grant access to Harvard alumni services.

Can I use HBS LEFA for website?

HBS LEFA login does not grant access to services. HarvardKey is required to access.

Can I use the HarvardKey to access the website or HBS club websites?

The HarvardKey does not grant access to or the HBS club websites. HBS LEFA login continues to be the username and password combination necessary to access HBS alumni services.

Can I use my HBS LEFA email address as the email address for HarvardKey?

While you could choose to use your LEFA email address as your username for the HarvardKey system, the username and password are not shared with the HBS LEFA login credentials.

Where can I learn more about Harvard Key?

More on HarvardKey is available at:

Alumni Messaging Service

What is the Alumni Messaging Service?

The Alumni Messaging Service is a safe and reliable way for you and other alumni to send email messages to individual alumni and to ad-hoc alumni groups you might create using the Alumni Directory. The service helps safeguard alumni communications from the ever-changing rules that Internet Service Providers impose on forwarded email (many are blocking it) and gives you fine control over the types of messages you'd like to receive from classmates and other alumni. With this service, you are able to opt out of or opt into categories of message purposes that will guide the nature of emails you receive from other alumni (examples: Business Deals or Keeping In Touch). These message-purpose options are found in the Preferences tab of your alumni profile page.

Building on the Email Your Class/Section tool, the Messaging Service replaces the formerly used LEFA links with envelope icons and a prompt to "send a message." Clicking on "send a message" opens a window with a form for you to compose your message. The new service sends messages to the recipient's preferred contact address.

What are messaging purposes and how do I edit my own?

Messaging purposes are category designations that allow you to control the types of messages you receive from others in the HBS community. They currently include: Business Deals, Current Opportunities, Consulting Offers, Expertise Requests, Job Inquiry, Keeping in Touch, and New Ventures. They may be edited in your alumni profile under the Preferences tab.

If I create a large message group, is it possible that some people will not receive the message if they opted out of certain messaging purposes?

That is correct. Since you choose recipients before selecting a messaging purpose, it is possible that some in your initial selection are not interested in receiving messages with the message purpose connected to your message and thus they will not receive your message.

How do I send a message to my class, section, a group of alumni?

To send an email message to your class or section, click on the Email Your Class link on the home page listed under Quick Links. You may then choose the appropriate class or section from the “Choose Your Audience” drop down in the “To” field.

Sending an email message to a group and an alternate method to sending to your section, begins with the Alumni Directory. The first approach starts with the Commonly Used Search interface in the right column. Choose from the dropdown choices (including Alumni from my section). If the result set is 100 or fewer, the Message These Alumni icon will become an active button. Click the text inside it and proceed. If the result set is greater than 100, use the facets on the left to narrow your search. You may also search using the search box at the top and/or using the facets on the left. When the result reaches 100 or fewer, the Message these Alumni button becomes active in the right column.

How do I send a message to just one person?

Throughout the alumni website, where LEFA links once appeared, you will now see envelope icons (✉) with a link to “send a message.” These appear in the Alumni Directory, in an Alumni Profile, and in Stories. Clicking on these links will take you to the Alumni Messaging Service and will allow you to send a message directly to the recipient’s preferred contact email address.

Where did the LEFA links go?

As an increasing number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) stop forwarded messages and mark them as SPAM, HBS has chosen to provide an alternate method of sending messages to fellow alumni. We have thus removed LEFA link references from profiles and throughout the Alumni Website. The LEFA email addresses are still active and still forward as long as the receiving ISP allows it.

Where LEFA links once appeared, you will now see envelope icons (✉) with a link to “send a message.” This will take you to the Alumni Messaging Service and will allow you to send a message directly to the recipient’s preferred contact email address.

What happens if I send an email to a LEFA?

LEFA email addresses are still active and still forward as long as the receiving ISP allows it.

If I reply, will everyone see my response?

No. A reply to a message which originated in the Alumni Messaging Service will be sent back to the sender via email. There is no reply-all function.

If someone replies to a message I send, where will I see that reply?

Replies to messages sent through the service will be emailed to the senders preferred contact address.

Why can’t I send a message to everyone in my search results list?

We have set a limit of 100 recipients per message.

Do I need to have a contact email address in my alumni profile to use the Alumni Messaging Service?

Yes. A valid contact email address is necessary to send a message using the Alumni Messaging Service. Your fellow alumni need to have someone to reply to.

I encountered an error using the Alumni Messaging Service. How do I report it?

Please contact Alumni Records via our feedback form or email with as many specifics as possible (screenshots are very helpful).

Profile Updates & Subscriptions

How can I update my address listing or personal information?

You may update your address and any other information in your Alumni Profile.

How do I change my legal name in my Alumni Profile?

This type of update requires a special request to the alumni information group. Submit the request here.

How do I change my gender in my Alumni Profile?

This type of update requires a special request to the alumni information group. Submit the request here.

How do I change my class year so that I can attend reunions with the class I started with in my Alumni Profile?

This type of update requires a special request to the alumni information group. Submit the request here.

I can’t find my undergraduate college when I update my profile. How can I add it to the list?

This type of update requires a special request to the alumni information group. Submit the request here.

My HBS volunteer role isn’t appearing in the HBS Volunteering section, how can I update it?

This type of update requires a special request to the alumni information group. Submit the request here.

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from HBS emails?

You may edit your email subscriptions on the preferences tab of the Alumni Profile.

Baker Library & eBaker

Can alumni use Baker Library?

Alumni may use Baker Library on site, free of charge with a Baker Access Card.

How can I get a Baker Access Card?

Alumni may obtain an access card at the Stamps Reading Room Service Desk, located on the third floor of Baker Library. Please bring photo ID. For more information, go to:

How do I make an appointment to visit Baker's Historical Collections?

Fill out the online Historical Collections Reference Request Form at, or contact the Historical Collections Reference Staff at 617.495.6411.

What is eBaker and how can I access it?

eBaker is an online collection of free information research resources for alumni. eBaker also offers a deeply discounted annual subscription to OneSource. For details, go to eBaker.

Why does eBaker look like the old site?

eBaker is scheduled to relaunch with the new look in October.

How do I subscribe or renew my subscription to OneSource?

Go to the OneSource for HBS Alumni page.

Why can't I get into ABI/ProQuest?

First try re-setting your cookies with this step-by-step cookie cutter:

  1. Go to ProQuest Cookie Cutter.
  2. Click on "Click here to reset your browser."
  3. Do not click on any of the choices that come up after that, but go back to eBaker Home.
  4. Click on the ABI/ProQuest "Go to Database" link from the A-Z list.

If that doesn't work, try checking whether referrer URL works:

  1. Do the ProQuest Browser Health Check.
  2. If you get a referrer URL warning, then click on the Firewall Section link to access ProQuest's information on how to enable the referring URL.
I can't access one of the resources — what should I do?

Please contact us and let us know which resource you are trying to use and what message you are getting when attempting access.


How do I advertise in the HBS Bulletin?

Many alumni choose to advertise their businesses in the Bulletin. The magazine accepts both full and fractional page advertisements. For rates and information, please contact Jane Mazzarella at 617.496.6558 or

How do I submit Class Notes?

Alumni may submit Class Notes through the Share a Note feature in Community. You may choose to share it with your Class Secretary and the online Community or just with your Class Secretary.

How do I submit a photo for Class Notes?

The new Share a Note feature in Community also allows you to submit photos.

How do I find out who is my class secretary?

Your secretary is listed at the top of your Class Notes in each issue of the Bulletin. You may also contact Class Notes directly at

How do I submit an idea for an article?

Story ideas, as well as comments and feedback may be submitted to the Bulletin.

Campus Visits, Room Reservations, and Using HBS Facilities

Can I get a tour of campus?

HBS offers personal and self-paced audio tours of the Soldiers Field campus. For schedules and information, go to:

Is there a map of campus?

There is an interactive map available online:

I’d like to bring a prospective student to campus to see what the case method is like.

You may arrange a class visit through the MBA Admissions office:

Which HBS facilities can I use?
Baker Library

Alumni can obtain on site access to Baker Library with a Baker Access Card. For more information and a list of services and resources, go to:

Shad Hall

HBS alumni are eligible for membership at the Shad Hall fitness center. For fee information, call the fitness desk at 617.495.6060. Click here to download a membership form.

What are the hours of the COOP?

Hours and store info for the HBS COOP are at:

The Class of 1959 Chapel

HBS alumni may use the Class of 1959 Chapel for weddings and memorials, through the sponsorship and coordination of HBS Alumni Relations. For more information, e-mail the Alumni Relations Office at

Giving to HBS

When do I need to fulfill my pledge?

Donors to HBS, particularly alumni in reunion classes, can make pledges to be fulfilled at a later date. Guidelines for payments differ for reunion and annual giving pledges.

Reunion Pledges:
For the 5th, 10th, 15th 20th, 50th, and up
Pledges must be made by June 30 following the reunion and should be fulfilled by the following December 31.

For the 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, and 45th
Pledges must be made by December 31 following the reunion and should be fulfilled by the following June 30.

Non-Reunion Pledges:
Must be paid by June 30th fiscal year close to be counted in giving totals and listed in the School's Contributors Report.

Special payment arrangements can be made for larger gifts. For further information, please contact Kerry Cietanno, Director of Donor Relations at 617.495.6889 or

Will I get credit for pledge payments?

Donors will be recognized in the School's annual Contributors Report for the full amount of a pledge in the year that it is made, regardless of payment timing. Pledge payments made in subsequent years will not be listed. A donor may request that he or she be recognized for payments as they are made over more than one fiscal year.

Will my gift to HBS be automatically credited to my class?

Yes, all gifts receive class credit.

Will my spouse and I both receive credit for a gift to HBS?

Joint crediting is an option but is not automatically applied. Couples must indicate if they would like their gift to be entered jointly, in which case the amount will be split 50/50 for tax purposes but each person will receive class credit and recognition for the full amount of the gift. Please contact Development Operations at 617-495-6207, or email, for further information about crediting.

What is the crediting policy for planned gifts?

HBS will give credit to the donor and donor's class for the full face-value of an irrevocable life-income gift. Such credit is given also for a bequest intention, properly documented, in the 50th reunion or later.

How do I take advantage of my company's matching gift program?

Please use our online search tool or contact your company's human resources office to find out if your employer matches charitable gifts and to learn the associated policies and procedures. For more information, visit Corporate Matching.

What is the School's Federal Tax Identification number?

President and Fellows of Harvard College, ID# 04-2103580

When will I receive a receipt for my gift?

You can expect to receive an official receipt in 10-15 business days after HBS receives your gift.

How can I get a duplicate tax receipt for my gift?

To request a duplicate receipt, contact Dan Mortara, Development Operations Manager, at 617-495-6381 or


Is there an HBS club near me?

The interactive map on the HBS Clubs Web site is an easy way to locate the club nearest to you. Go to:

Can I join the Harvard Club?

Harvard Club membership is open to all alumni of the University. Each club offers its own a variety of programs, services, and opportunities to its members and to its communities. For more information and to find a club near you, go to:

Resources & Benefits

Do HBS alumni receive special discounts on the Harvard Business Review?

FREE Online Access: Alumni receive online access to the current issue and over 2,800 articles from back issues.

HBS Alumni who have LEFA forwarding established may gain access to the Harvard Business Review by following the procedures outlined here.

Alumni Subscription Discounts: HBS Alumni may also receive a discount on the magazine subscriptions of the Harvard Business Review. Visit for details and to subscribe.

Is there an official group for HBS alumni on LinkedIn

Yes, there is. If you're a member of LinkedIn and would like to join the official Harvard Business School alumni group click here. (LEFA required for auto-acceptance to the group)

What is the HBS Nonprofit/Public Sector Loan Repayment Assistance Program?

The HBS Nonprofit/Public Sector Loan Repayment Assistance Program can help reduce the need-based educational debt repayment burden for alumni taking managerial positions in the US or abroad where salaries may be below the MBA average. Qualified graduates from the MBA Class of 1999 onward are eligible to apply. Learn more.

What discounts are available to HBS alumni?

IBM/Lenovo Discount for Harvard Alumni
As a Harvard alumnus/a, you can save significantly on select ThinkPad notebook computers. Go to:

Alumni Travel

For information on alumni travel programs-including schedules and trip itineraries, go to:

Alumni Directory & Mapping

What is “alumni directory mapping”?

Mapping of addresses in the Alumni Directory lets you easily search for and find on a map HBS alumni who live or work in a specific city or country as well as identify other alumni who are in your vicinity, whether you’re at home, at work, or travelling. This is a feature many HBS alumni have asked for and it has been made possible by recent upgrades to the Alumni Directory database. You must be logged into the alumni website to use this feature.

Why is mapping helpful?

Whether you’re on the road, at work, or at home, you can now easily find other alumni who live or work close to you, filtered by their address as well as their industry or job title or their program and class year. It’s just one more way we’re helping alumni make connections and expand their networks.

How does it work?

Powered by Google Maps, the mapping tool lets you search by specific location or base your search on your current location. By choosing one of the preset search functions or refining that search further using the filters provided, you can find nearby alumni based on the business or home addresses listed in their Alumni Directory profiles. The mapped results of your search are as specific or generalized as the information alumni share in their profiles.

Does this work on any computer?

The new directory mapping tool works on your personal computer, or mobile device. In fact, save the link to the alumni directory on your smartphone to enable you to connect with other alumni when you’re travelling.

Which locations will the map show?

The map results will display whatever you or other alumni have selected to show as your home or business addresses in the Alumni Directory. If you choose to display the full address, the Google Maps tool will identify that location. If you choose to show only your city or country in the directory, the map will provide a generalized identification of that location.

Can I adjust how my address is shown?

We have taken steps to ensure the privacy of your personal information. As with other information in the Alumni Directory, you may change how your addresses display at any time by editing the preferences on your profile page. We encourage you to update your directory profile now to ensure the mapping results align with your preferences. We also suggest that you complete your profile by identifying your industry and topic/interest preferences, as these also will improve your ability to connect with fellow alumni as well as aid your personalized experience on the alumni website.

How do I change my visibility preferences?

The Edit Profile page allows you to set your level of visibility in the Directory and on the map, including your full address, city, and country. You may also suppress the address entirely. In addition, on the , Preferences tab of the Edit Profile page you may choose to show or hide your home address or your business address.

What do all the different types of pins mean?

In addition to the typical Google “current location" pin, the Alumni Directory Map has pins for your home and your business, and other alumni homes and businesses. These pins might have additional symbols: the lock icon and the question mark (?). The lock icon indicates that the alumnus has chosen not to share their full address and the location is not precise. The (?) indicates that Google is uncertain of the coordinates of the address and has approximated the pin location.

How do I use the COMMONLY USED SEARCH feature?

In the right column of the directory we have gathered some commonly used searches:

  • Alumni from my section/class
  • Alumni who work in my industry
  • Near Me
  • Near My Home
  • Near My Office

Start by choosing one of the options from the dropdown menu and then click the magnifying glass. The results will appear in the list to the left. Click the “Map These Alumni" button to view results on the map.

How does the Directory know where I am currently?

The “Near Me" button is based on the IP address of your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Why am I prompted to share my location?

The Alumni Directory is using Google to map the location of your IP address to enable location-relevant search. If we can not find your IP address you may be asked to share your location using your device’s GPS locator. If you do not share your address, you may not have access to the complete geolocation functionality. Please note: we do not store your location in these instances; the request is only used for that individual search query.

How do I sort results by distance?

If you initiate a search and change the dropdown option from “Search All" to “Location," the list results can include distance. You can further refine your search using the search facets on the left side of the page. The default sort order is “Sort by Distance" and the distance in miles is displayed on the bottom right of each listing. The distance is measured between your IP or cellular location and the address mapped.

I have a seasonal address; will it be mapped?

Your seasonal address will temporarily replace your home address during the date range you selected. The map will likewise reflect these settings.

What does it mean that alumni are "Lost?"

In the search facets on the left in the Alumni Directory, the category “Status" has a value identified as “Lost." “Lost" alumni do not have an active mailing address in the database. If you have address information about someone who is listed as “Lost," please let HBS know via the feedback form so we can follow up.

How can I provide feedback?

On the left side of the Alumni Directory, as well as on the alumni homepage, there is a feedback tab. You may use it to let us know what you like or what you may not like with the Alumni Directory or any part of the alumni website. The direct link is here: .


Search by location: Try searching alumni located in Hawaii. To the right of your list of results is a map with a button that says, “Map these alumni.” Click on the button and see where all of the alumni in Hawaii are. Then use the map’s zoom tools to narrow the results to a more precise location.

Search by job title: Filter your search to find alumni in a specific position. For example, try searching for alumni who self-identify as a CEO located in New York City. Again, click on the “Map these alumni” button to see your results, then zoom in to find alumni in, say, lower Manhattan versus Midtown.

LinkedIn Sync

What is LinkedIn Sync?

LinkedIn Sync allows alumni with existing LinkedIn accounts to sync information from LinkedIn to their HBS Alumni Profile.

How do I sync information from LinkedIn to my HBS Alumni Profile?

Next time you log in on the alumni homepage, click the "Connect to LinkedIn" link on the pop-up prompt (you may have to disable pop-up blockers) to authorize HBS to copy data from your LinkedIn profile to your alumni profile.

You can also find the “Connect to LinkedIn” link when you’re logged into your alumni profile page.

Which information is synced?

Contact information, employment history, interests, and about me are imported from LinkedIn and kept in sync thereafter. Your photo and education information are imported once.

Can I choose which information I want to sync?

Yes, during the process, you can select which information you would like to exclude from the sync. You always have the ability to keep previous information from Alumni Profile that isn’t in LinkedIn.

Why did my photo, volunteer, or education record not sync immediately?

Photos, volunteer, and education are manually verified by Alumni Records and will often take a few business days to appear in Alumni Profile.

Note that degrees from institutions other than Harvard can be imported only if they are accompanied with a year.

Photos also have a minimum size requirement of 150px wide and 158px high to be imported into the Alumni Profile.

Can I disconnect LinkedIn from my Alumni Profile?

Yes, in the preferences tab on Edit Profile, there is an option to disconnect LinkedIn from your Alumni Profile.

I encountered an error during the sync. How do I report it?

Please contact Alumni Records via our feedback form or email with as many specifics as possible (screenshots are very helpful).