Alumni Directory

Alumni profile information listed in the HBS Alumni Directory is available to HBS alumni, faculty, staff, and students, pursuant to privacy settings chosen by individual alumni participants. Data in the alumni directory may include, as determined by alumni participants: contact information, employment history,interests, and education history and map information (see below). Privacy preferences are applied to all alumni directory searches to enable alumni to choose the level of detail they wish to share with fellow alumni . This directory is intended to facilitate inter-alumni communication, as well as communication between the School and its alumni. Use beyond this stated purpose, whether commercial in nature or otherwise, (including sale, solicitation,promotion, market research, surveying, etc.) of information obtained from the alumni directory is prohibited.

Maps may be generated within the alumni directory using Google Maps. These mapshonor the privacy preferences selected by alumni participants. For example,alumni who have selected to share only a portion of an address will still bedisplayed on the map, however, the exact location will not be discernible.

Alumni use of the new map feature is also subject to Google's Terms of service and Google's policy on Privacy.

E-mail My Class

The use of the E-mail My Class online tool for alumni is intended for personal use only. Any commercial use of this e-mail tool is prohibited. This applies particularly to the use of any information for private or public solicitations beyond that which is pursued in the interest of the Harvard Business School or its alumni organizations.


HBS has provided you with a LEFA (Lifelong E-mail Forwarding Address) so that you can stay better connected with the School and with your classmates. LEFAs are not intended for purposes of promotion or solicitation and should not be used as official business addresses or for financial communications.

HBS is capable of determining misuse of the Alumni Directory, E-mail My Class and the LEFA system. In the case of misuse, HBS reserves the right to deactivate and/or terminate a graduate's LEFA or access to HBS online services.