May 24:

DEADLINE to complete “MBA 2018 New Alumni Survey".

May 25-June 7:

Alumni login accounts and Student accounts both active. You may choose "Alumni Resources" or "MBA Resources" upon login.

More info on post-graduation technology from MBA IT.

June 7:

Section listservs closed (Use the Email Your Class/Alumni Messaging Service application instead)

MyHBS student portal no longer accessible

June 8:

Remove all of your documents from the Career Hub Dashboard. Alumni will have access to the new Alumni Job Board in 12Twenty the week of June 11.

June 23:

Microsoft Office desktop suites stops working. O365 applications will continue to work in the Cloud.



Your HBS Email Address, Login, and Password

The Class of 2017 will be the second class in which students may retain their email address and Outlook account after graduation. HBS email address and password do not change upon graduation. You will continue to use the HBS email address as your HBS Username to log into the HBS Alumni Website.

In the past, alumni were issued a LEFA, Lifelong E-mail Forwarding Address, which had a similar pattern as the student account. The LEFA acts as a forwarding address and login account for alumni who graduated prior to May 2016.

On the Alumni Website any references to LEFA login should be considered synonymous with HBS login.

Appropriate Use

HBS has provided you with a an HBS email address so that you can stay better connected with the School and with your classmates. HBS email addresses are not intended for purposes of promotion or solicitation.

HBS is capable of determining misuse of HBS email. In the case of misuse, HBS reserves the right to deactivate and/or terminate a graduate's email account.

Section listservs

The current listserv technology that exists for each section (i.e. will no longer work after June 8. The Alumni Web site has an online application, the (Email Your Class/Alumni Messaging Service) that allows you to email your section or your class after graduation. You can access this application from the Alumni Web site home page, under Quick Links >> Email Your Class. This same application allows you to send messages to individuals or smaller groups based on search results in the Alumni Directory. Please note that the Email Your Class application has the same Appropriate Use restrictions as your HBS email account is not intended for purposes of promotion or solicitation. Misuse of the Email Your Class application can result in the deactivation and/or termination of a graduate's email account and login account.



Baker Library Resources

Your remote access to Baker Library | Bloomberg Center resources ends on May 26th. As an alumnus, you may visit the Baker Library | Bloomberg Center in person at any time for on-site access to many of their online resources. In addition, HBS Alumni have free remote access to eBaker, an online resource of six premium databases, and select business Web sites chosen for you by Knowledge and Library Services. The eBaker site also has a link to OneSource where you can subscribe to their database for a discounted annual rate of $249.

Free databases on eBaker include:

  • ABI/Inform, which aggregates business and management publication articles
  • Factiva, a collection of news sources that cover the globe
  • OneSource Global Express, provides information on millions of companies and executives
  • Source
  • OECD, (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Economic Surveys for doing global research
  • Tablebase
  • Vault, a career development site

Career & Professional Development

As an alumnus/a you will have access to resources provided by Career & Professional Development. Career & Professional Development offers a broad range of career management services including the Alumni Job Board, individual career coaching, career webinars and professional development resources. For your most pertinent post-graduation career resource information visit:

Alumni Clubs

Be sure to complete your affinity based information through the "MBA 2018 New Alumni Survey" so we can connect you with those organizations. For a complete listing of geographic and affinity based Alumni Clubs, visit



What happens if I don't provide a non-HBS contact email address?

In the "MBA 2017 IOU" survey you are asked for a non-HBS contact email address. It is a required question. This email address is essential for maintaining a secure HBS account.

If you do not provide HBS with a non-HBS contact email address then your ability to recover a forgotten password will be impeded.

Additionally, without the non-HBS email address alumni will not be able to reach you through the Alumni Messaging tool or HBS Alumni Mobile app. The Alumni Directory no longer shows LEFA (HBS email) addresses to other alumni.

After graduation you can maintain your non-HBS contact email address in your Alumni Profile.

What happens if I forget my password or have trouble accessing an alumni site?
If you forget your HBS password or have difficulty with the HBS Intranet while logged in on your alumni account, please contact the Alumni Information Services office at 617.384.5977. Program Technology Services can only provide support for current MBA students. They do not keep any alumni password records and cannot assist with alumni access problems.
Where do I access my email after graduation?
Go to and login with your email address and your password. If you had had your HBS email configured on your mobile device it will continue to work there as well.
How do I set up email forwarding?
If you choose not to maintain another mailbox and would like to set up email forwarding you can do so at

      1. Sign in to the Office 365 Portal at
      2. Select Mail, click the Mail settings icon
      3. Select Options
      4. From the menu on the left look for the Accounts section (you may have to expand this) and select Forwarding
      5. Select Start forwarding
      6. In Forward my e-mail to, enter your forwarding address
As alumni which O365 services do we get?
While your Microsoft Office applications will expire from your personal computer on June 24, you will continue to have access to the web versions of Microsoft Office applications through O365. In addition to the continuation of your HBS email address and login, you will see the major Office applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and One Drive on

OneDrive for Business provides secure cloud storage for your documents that you never have to backup and are accessible anywhere in the world. The OneDrive sync client may be configured to synchronize files between your device and the cloud. Download the OneDrive client here. For more information please refer to the OneDrive instructions online.