Applicants will apply to one of 10 global regions led by an NVC regional club. Applicants can apply to their region of choice based on proximity or launch market.  Local application fees vary between NVC regional clubs. Visit the below NVC regional club websites for details on local entry and registration fees.

Africa & Middle East - HBS Association of Nigeria
Asia-Pacific - HBS Club of Shanghai
Canada - HBS Club of Toronto
Europe - HBS Club of France
Latin America - HBS Club of Brazil
Northeast U.S./Boston - HBS Association of Boston
Northeastern U.S./New York - HBS Club of New York
Western U.S./Northern California - HBS Association of Northern California
Central U.S. - HBS Club of Atlanta
Western U.S./Southern California - HBS Association of Southern California

Yanyan Gong, MBA 2004

Andy Rogers, AMP 2012
Northeastern U.S./Boston

Gaurav Marballi, MBA 2007
Northeastern U.S./New York

Vivian Moran, MBA 1996
Northeastern U.S./New York

Nidhi Chadda, MBA 2007
Northeastern U.S./New York

Daniel Beck, MBA 2009
Western U.S./Northern California

Phil Rettger, MBA 1985
Western U.S./Northern California

Steve Weiss, MBA 2014
Northwestern U.S.

Allison O'Kelly, MBA 1999
Central U.S./Atlanta

Alisher Ashurov, MBA 2004
Central U.S./Atlanta

Alexa McCulloch, MBA 1999
Western U.S./Southern California

Candace Ng, MBA 1996
Western U.S./Southern California