2018 Alumni Global Winners

DynamiCare Health Digital platform for monitoring and rewarding recovery from addiction
Eric Gastfriend, MBA 2015
Region: New England


Magma Trading A new kind of stock market for large trades
George Hessler, MBA 1985
Region: Northeastern U.S./New York


WeMaintain We rise by lifting others
Benoit Dupont, PLDA 2016
Region: Europe

Caelum Health
Caelum Health treats diseases with software, starting with a digital therapeutic for Irritable Bowel Syndrome 
Luke Kelley-Chew, MBA 2016, CEO
Region: Northwest U.S.

Escala Educacion
Educacion para Todos/Education for All
Jonathan Duarte, MBA 2014, Co-Founder & CEO
Region: Latin America

FitSkin Inc.
Building the smart device that is creating the Google for beauty
Sergio Rattner, MBA 2001, CEO/Founder
Region: Northeastern U.S./New York

Re-inventing healthcare delivery
Dan Liu, MBA 2012, Founder
Region: Asia-Pacific

Engage every patient effortlessly
Aiden Feng, MBA 2016, Head of Strategy
Region: New England

Mindprint Learning
How you learn + What you know = Improved learning outcomes
Nancy Weinstein, MBA 2000, CEO & Co-Founder
Region: Northeastern U.S./New York

Connecting people to purpose
Ben Reno-Weber, MBA 2009, CEO
Region: Southeastern U.S.

Mums Village Limited
A social commerce network for African mothers
Isis Nyongo, MBA 2005, Founder & CEO
Region: Africa

Tech-enabled living solutions
Cameron Johnson, MBA 2012, CEO
Region: Texas

Reimagining the healthy drink
Eliza Timpson, MBA 2017, Founder & CEO
Region: Northwest U.S.

The Liquidity Marketplace
A peer-to-peer marketplace and technology platform for the $7T short-term liquidity market enabling Fortune 1000 companies and 10k banks worldwide to trade directly without intermediation
Shyam Ayengar, MBA 2006, Chief Strategy Officer
Region: Canada

Reinventing Consumer Goods, Starting with Shoe Odor
J. Taylor Wiegele, MBA 2017, Co-Founder
Region: Southwestern U.S.