2019 Alumni Regional Winners

Taking the weight and waste out of your everyday products
Gina Pak, MBA 2015, CMO
Region: Northeastern U.S./New York

X-COR Therapeutics
Helping Patients Lead Healthier Lives
Jayon Wang, MBA 2018, CEO
Region: Northeastern U.S./Boston

Talent Alpha, Inc.
Talent Alpha Human Cloud – Enabling Tech Talent as a Service
Przemek Berendt, PLDA 18, CEO & Founder
Region: Europe

The leading platform that crowdsources intelligence for brands in Latin America
Allison Campbell, MBA 2018, Co-Founder
Region: Central US

The Better Meat Co.
Less meat, more plants...better meat!
Joanna Bromley , MBA 2016, COO/CFO
Region: Western US/Northern California

Totodi Technologies
We'll bring order, so you can have freedom
Zhong Li, MBA 2009, CEO
Region: Asia-Pacific

PeopleJoy simplifies student loan repayment
Emeka Oguh, MBA 2011, CEO
Region: Northeastern U.S./New York

The Good Face Project, Inc.
The TripAdvisor for Cosmetics
Iva Teixeira, MBA 2011, CEO
Region: Western U.S./Southern California