NVC region leads and club selection committee, Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, HBS Alumni Clubs & Associations, and appointed regional & global judges will evaluate application entries.

The following criteria will be used to judge your venture:

  • Problem & Solution: Define the problem, need or pain-point.  What solution does your venture provide? How is your solution innovative? Technology, business model, IP etc. Describe your value proposition.
  • Target market: Identify and quantify (size & spend) your addressable market for your product and service. Highlight growth and trends.
  • Attractive business model: How do you plan to make money? Who pays you? What are your distribution channels? What is your gross margin? 
    Is your business model viable with the ability to efficiently scale, making it appealing to acquirers or position it for an IPO.
  • Financing: How much money do you need and for what purpose?
  • Team Can the founder, key team members, and advisors operate and scale a successful business.  Highlight industry knowledge, skill-set, leadership, relationships, key successes & failures. 

Please refer to the NVC "Pitch Deck" template, to be used for the final pitch event at the Regional Finals Competition.