Skydeck is the HBS alumni podcast series that features interviews with HBS alumni from across the world of business, sharing lessons learned and their own life experiences.

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The Birth of a Silicon Valley Blockbuster

How Cloudflare’s Michelle Zatlyn and Matthew Prince built a tech giant


Reframing Modern Art

Denise Murrell (MBA 1980) traded finance for fine arts—and cast a critical new eye on iconic paintings


Lessons from the Ashes

How Warwick Fairfax (MBA 1987) lost his family’s 150-year-old media empire—and found his purpose in the process


Give It to Me Straight

Radical Candor author Kim Scott (MBA 1996) on what effective feedback really looks like—and why it will make you a better boss


Life Is a Startup

Noam Wasserman (MBA 1999, PhD 2002) on what successful founders can teach us about life beyond business


Making Sabbaticals Mainstream

Entrepreneur DJ DiDonna (MBA 2010) says sabbaticals in Japan and Mauritius brought critical perspective to his personal and professional life. Now he’s working with researchers to show how extended time away from the daily grind can pay off for workers and employers.


We’re All Going to Get Hacked

Companies shouldn’t just react to the inevitable hack, says Red Seal CEO Ray Rothrock (MBA 1988)—they should prepare for it.


The Promise of Personalized Medicine

Rich Horgan (MBA 2018) is on an urgent mission to save his brother—and he might just revolutionize drug development along the way


Bridging the Gap

Global Citizen Year founder Abby Falik (MBA 2008) on why kids need to find their purpose before freshman year


Cold Call Horror Stories

Alumni relive the School's most terrifying tradition


Don’t Be Afraid of AI

If tech pioneer and Numenta CEO Donna Dubinsky (MBA 1981) doesn’t fear the Terminator, neither should we


Coming of Age as the World Comes Apart

Casey Gerald’s (MBA 2014) new book is an intervention in the shape of a memoir


A Shout Through Time

How an alumni connection helped bring a WWII soldier home after 73 years


Bringing Government Up to Code

Code for America COO Minnie Ingersoll (MBA 2002) on how her organization is strengthening the social safety net


The Value of Valleys

Alumni share stories of some of their greatest challenges—and what they learned in the process


Can Marketing Help Halt the Heroin Epidemic?

Jim Langford (MBA 1984), executive director of the Georgia Prevention Project, on his group’s anti-opioid advertising strategy


Skydeck Live: The Science of a Meaningful Life

Author Charles Duhigg (MBA 2003) on how we make meaning


My First Job: Selling Shoes, Surviving Black Monday, and Shaped by Chicken Lenses

Back by popular demand, we offer a second collection of alumni recounting their experience at their first jobs.


Finding Freedom from Eating Disorders

Lindsay Ronga (MBA 2009) suffered from a severe eating disorder for seven years before eventually finding a path to successful recovery. Now, as a recovery coach, she wants to let people know that they are not alone—and they have other treatment options.


How to Win the Kentucky Derby

West Point Thoroughbred President and CEO Terry Finley (OPM 45, 2014) describes what it’s like to win horse racing’s most coveted trophy—and how to get in on the action


What I Learned from Visiting All 54 African Countries

Author and explorer Francis Tapon (MBA 1997) on finding the “unseen Africa” and other reflections from his five-year journey through the continent


Leadership Lessons from the “Lone Survivor” Mission

Former Army helicopter pilot Matthew Brady (MBA 2016), founder and CEO of Pershing Barracks Capital, discusses his battlefield experience—and how it shaped his approach to business


My First Job

Alumni share stories, strategies, and lessons learned from their first jobs—from golf club caddy to lobster shack waitress.


The Lessons of All-Day Breakfast

McDonald’s SVP Kristy Cunningham (MBA 1998), who helped lead the company’s wildly successful all-day breakfast initiative, talks about what the global icon learned from the experience—and what it taught her about herself


Finding Faith in an NFL Locker Room

On and off the field with Chicago Bears team chaplain Jonathan Wilkins (MBA 2007)


How Music Forged a Fighter for Free Expression

Hunter Heaney (MBA 1996), executive director of The Voice Project, on protecting artistic expression at home and abroad and on the power of music to change the world


Skydeck Live: What Really Motivates American Voters?

Insights from Diane Hessan (MBA 1977), who spent a year in conversation with 400 American voters from across the political spectrum


How to Build a Winning Culture on a Losing Team

Scott O’Neil (MBA 1998), CEO of the group that owns the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers and several other sports properties, on why his office thrives even in the face of losing


The Best Business Advice I’ve Ever Received

HBS alumni share the words of wisdom that helped shape their lives and careers


Radical Generosity for the Real World

Author Ami Campbell (MBA 1997) on her spiritual journey to giving—and how you can kickstart yours


The Epicenter of Miami’s Vice

Roben Farzad (MBA 2005)—author, public radio host, and special correspondent on PBS NewsHour—talks about his new book, Hotel Scarface, and the lasting allure of 1980s Miami


Living the Quantitative Life

What Paul Grana (MBA 2009) has learned from eight years of personal data tracking


Skydeck Live: The Happiness Equation

Author and former Walmart executive Neil Pasricha (MBA 2007) offers lessons from his quest for happiness


How Women's Basketball Conquered Europe

Bruce Levy (MBA 1977)—the first-ever agent for women's professional basketball—chronicles the sport's rise


Can Neuroscience Find You the Perfect Job?

Pymetrics CEO and cofounder Frida Polli (MBA 2012) matches cognitive traits to career paths


Curating the Cuisine of Southwest China

Author and WildChina founder Zhang Mei (MBA 1996) takes us inside the kitchens of her native Dali


Bringing Markets to Myanmar

With 25 years of experience in private sector development, David Brunell (MBA 1962) offers an inside look at Myanmar’s historic transition to a market economy


The Business of Lego Batman

Lego Movie and Lego Batman producer Dan Lin (MBA 1999) offers an inside look at the role of a modern Hollywood producer—and how he manages a burgeoning franchise


Such Great Heights

Tom Vogl (MBA 1998), CEO of The Mountaineers explores the past, present, and future of the adventure business


Negotiating Peace in Canada's Largest Rainforest

How Wally Eamer (MBA 1979) helped end a bitter, decades-long conflict between loggers, environmentalists, government officials, and First Nations


Mental Illness and the Workplace

Katherine Switz (MBA 2000) on how her own experience with bipolar disorder led to forming the Stability Network, an advocacy and support group for working professionals


An Environmental Epiphany

Former energy executive Jules Kortenhorst (MBA 1986) reflects on how global political shifts—and a walk in the South African bush—brought him to lead the Rocky Mountain Institute, a think tank focused on sustainability


The Story Behind the Stories

Journalist and author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon (MBA 2006) shares the stories behind her two New York Times best-selling books, The Dressmaker of Khair Khana and Ashley’s War


MaiTai Global and Kiteboarding

Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Tai (MBA 1987) on his accidental ascent to kiteboarding entrepreneur


The Burning Man Project

Real estate developer and author Jennifer Raiser (MBA 1990) goes behind the scenes of the annual Burning Man gathering


A Personal Perspective on Competing Against Luck

Professor Clay Christensen (MBA 1979, DBA 1992) reveals how his business theory has affected his home life