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The ROI of Flexibility
Guest Presenter, Allison O'Kelly, MBA 1999, Founder & CEO, Mom Corps
Flexible staffing—which gives employees more control over when, where and how long they work through options like flextime, compressed work weeks, telecommuting and job sharing—is a crucial workforce strategy when it comes to company profitability, employee satisfaction and retaining mid- to executive-level professionals. This session will discuss the true benefits to an organization offering flexible work practices and the often minor workplace modifications it takes to add significant value to the bottom line.
Specific discussion points include:
  • Outlining attendees with the skills and confidence to examine their organization and decide what flexible work options will be most suited for their individual situation, using the concept of Time, Place, and Duration as a starting point
  • Demonstrate how to analyze organizational pain points that could serve as potential roadblocks to a flexible strategy before the launch of a flexible program.
  • Offer actionable communication and launch strategies for getting a flexible work initiative off the ground within an organization of any size/industry.