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Starting a New Position? How to Ensure You're Successful
Matt Spielman (MBA 1999), Managing Partner, Inflection Point Partners
Are you about to begin a new role at a new company or one within your existing organization? The first 90 days are crucial in not only making a positive first impression but also in contributing to your success in the position. With the amount of time and attention paid to the job search, why not complement the hard work with concrete steps to succeed?

Join Matt Spielman (MBA 1999), managing partner at Inflection Point Partners, as he shares the five-step process he employed during his 20-year career as a senior executive--and has since put into practice with executives across the globe. Matt will share insights from his experiences working with over 300 professionals beginning a new position. During this webinar you will learn how to:
  • start a new position with an intentional and informed five-step process,
  • implement the five steps in the first 90-day process, and
  • use the output from the process to position yourself for success in the first year--and beyond.