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HBS Online Sustainable Business Strategy

Learn how businesses can thrive and grow while simultaneously playing a major role in solving some of the world’s big problems, as well as how you as an individual can make a difference. Through interactive online case studies, you will examine different business models and gain an understanding of the broader landscape including the role of government, investors, and customers. You will walk away from Sustainable Business Strategy with the ability to understand and analyze business models that can drive change, influence others as to the competitive advantages of being a purpose-driven firm, examine the political and social landscape in which you operate, understand how business can be a catalyst for change, and determine what you can do in your own career to become a purpose-driven leader. Visit the HBS Online Sustainable Business Strategy page for details and registration.

Target audience: Individuals who work at for-profit organizations who are interested in learning how business can effect change, and in becoming a purpose-driven business leader. Individuals who work for not-for-profit organizations may also benefit from this course, particularly those who want to develop strategic partnerships with for-profit entities.

Program Dates: February 6, 2019 - February 27, 2019