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The Shiny Penny: How to Maximize the M&A Value of your Company
Steve Kirschner (MBA 1986), Chairman, Package Perfect, Ltd.; CMO, HBS Alumni Angels Association
For years, you've worked nonstop and sweated bullets to build a successful company... and suddenly you get a buyout offer--YEA!! Even though that offer feels good, it's likely not the most money you and your shareholders can get--not by a long shot.

In this webinar, Steve Kirschner describes key marketing stratagems to help ensure you maximize the M&A valuation in the private sale of your company. These include:
  • Who is buying companies today, and what motivates them?
  • Why some companies receive outsized transaction valuations while others don't.
  • Planning your endgame: What can your organization do today to maximize its exit valuation?
  • When does it make sense to spin off part of your business prior to M&A?
  • Why it makes sense to engage an investment bank to maximize your transaction.
The webinar will also feature a panel including Steve Pagliuca (MBA 1982), Co-Chairman, Bain Capital and Ronnie Goldman (MBA 1997), Managing Director, Croft & Bender.