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HBX Disruptive Strategy

Disruptive Strategy, created by architect of disruption theory Clayton Christensen, enables you to strengthen your capacity to make innovation a reality and unlock your potential to create winning strategies. Through cases featuring the Google IPO, EMC, and equity crowdfunding platform CircleUp, among others, participants will learn how to apply disruptive innovation theory, align with innovation and disruption, discover customer jobs to be done, organize for innovation, maintain a disruptive scope, and manage the strategy development process. Visit the HBX Disruptive Strategy page for details and .

Target audience: HBS alumni and experienced colleagues; recommend to someone from your professional or personal network. Understanding disruptive innovation will benefit those starting their own ventures and looking to disrupt an established industry, those in established firms looking to anticipate disruption, and those seeking to understand their senior leadership’s discussions around disruptive innovations.

Program Dates: September 5, 2018 - October 17, 2018