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Rethinking Retirement
Lauren Murphy, Director, Career & Professional Development, Harvard Business School
Rich Schneider (MBA 1974), Partner, Sage Partners

"So you're actually thinking about retiring?!"

Retirement can inspire not only excitement for new possibilities, but also fear for the future. How can you keep the parts of work you love but enjoy more balance in your life? What work will you do? How will this change affect your relationship with your spouse? What about the decline in economic, social, and physical potential?

Baby Boomers are reshaping retirement to create a life stage of possibilities and growth. But a step back from work requires a great deal of thought and consideration, and it's natural to feel uncertain. This program will provide a framework to plan and address each issue one at a time that can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

HBS Career and Professional Development Director Lauren Murphy and Sage Partners' Rich Schneider (MBA 1974) draw on their collective work experience--as well as years coaching HBS alumni--to share tips for building a robust retirement. Together, they will demonstrate how other HBS alumni have reshaped their lives in productive and satisfying ways. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • how to know what matters most to you going forward,
  • how to explore options to build the life that works,
  • how other successful graduates have thought about their life and activities in "retirement," and
  • resources to help you along the way.