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How to Prepare for and Transition Back from a Career Break
Carol Fishman Cohen, HBS 1985, CEO and Co-founder, iRelaunch

A career break may be the furthest thing from your mind right now. But looking ahead, there are expected and unexpected reasons why you might take a break from your career: childcare, eldercare, illnesses, infertility issues, a wish to travel or pursue a personal interest, corporate downsizing… there are numerous possibilities. What sensible steps should a working professional anticipating a career break take in order to lay the groundwork for a successful career reentry? And once on career break, what are the best strategies to pursue to ensure a smooth return to work when you are ready to return?

Carol Fishman Cohen, CEO and cofounder of iRelaunch, TED Talk speaker, and globally recognized career reentry expert, will discuss the importance of taking the long view of your career and anticipating the career path that includes a career break. Cohen will discuss:

  • two key strategies to start immediately that will reap great benefits when returning from career break years from now,
  • why the career break can be a gift,
  • why you need to go to your reunion when you are on career break despite feeling you have nothing to talk about career-wise, and
  • two key strategies to pursue when you are on career break and ready to return to work.