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How to Be Happy at Work
Annie McKee, PhD, author; advisor; executive coach; senior fellow, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education

Are you truly happy at work? Or, like most people, do you have some good days but most of the time work is stressful, all-consuming, and not as fulfilling as you'd like? Annie McKee will share that outdated myths and mindsets are a big part of the reason so many of us are disengaged on the job. She will also show that breaking free of these happiness traps is good for us and our organizations, and that we can all take steps to make our work lives richer and more fulfilling.

Moreover, McKee will explore the powerful connection between happiness and success and will share insights from her own work with leaders around the world that shows how you can be happier at work by focusing on purpose, hope, and friendships.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • how to have positive impact, live your values, and (re)discover meaning at work,
  • how to lean into optimism, banish cynicism, and reach for your own personal dreams at work while contributing to your organization's mission, and
  • how to build resonant relationships at work - relationships that are based on mutual respect, caring, and a sense of belonging.