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Entrepreneurship: Failing Well
Shikhar Ghosh, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School
Most ventures fail, just as most lives are built on journeys that did not get to their desired destination. How can we think about failure as a necessary part of growth and learn to fail well?

Venture capitalists follow a rigorous screening process to select the ventures they fund. Yet fewer than 25% of these ventures return invested capital. Similar odds apply to reaching the top of other endeavors—becoming a tenured professor at a top university, becoming a partner at a leading law firm or consulting company, introducing a new consumer product. Despite these odds, very few people plan their failures so that they can emerge with renewed strength and capability.

In this webinar Professor Shikhar Ghosh will discuss how to 'fail well'. You will learn how to:
  • decide when it is time to walk away from your dream,
  • recognize and act on early warning indicators, and
  • think differently about what constitutes success and failure so that failure makes you stronger and open to new possibilities.