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Tools for Life's Major Transitions
Tom Sadtler (MBA 1981), president, Design What's Next
For most of us, life's major transitions cause stress and anxiety. Whether these are a career transition or change in marital status, they challenge us because we have not prepared or planned for the impact of the change. Thus, we feel the change is happening to us rather than us managing the change.

To take charge of a major life transition, we must look beyond the numbers in a financial plan, we must look at our relationships and how they will change, assess our physical health and lifestyle and develop an understanding of how work and play will keep us mentally healthy and motivated.

This webinar will help you understand and manage life's transitions, and take them on with a newfound confidence. In this webinar you will:

  • learn the three stages of a life transition,
  • identify things that can help make your transition smoother, and
  • discover a tool that enables you to identify new energizing and engaging opportunities.