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Resilience in the Face of Risk
Dante Disparte, (PLDA 6, 2009), founder and CEO, Risk Cooperative

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In era of man-made risk, terrorism, cyber-risk, climate change, and socio-political turmoil, traditional risk and decision-making models are increasingly obsolete. Amid this uncertainty, remaining passively on the sidelines of the global economy is dangerous. The definition of risk agility hearkens the survival and risk-taking instincts of the entrepreneur while establishing an organizational imperative of collective survival and organizational resilience. The agile risk manager is part sociologist, anthropologist, psychologist, and quant.

Risk agility treats risk as a catalyst for growth, rather than a cost. Anchored in organizational value systems, risk agility is as much about survival as it is about building competitive advantage.

Webinar participants will learn about:

  • How man-made and natural risks are colliding with unforeseen consequences
  • Cyber risk, climate change, and terrorism as a few top of mind risks confounding global leaders
  • Building a values-based approach to risk and decision-making enhancing resilience