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How to Successfully Manage Change for Leaders, Teams & Organizations
Michael D. Watkins, Author and Co-Founder of Genesis Advisers

Are you or your team facing a change or professional transition? Listen to Dr. Michael Watkins share his latest research findings on the challenges and solutions of professional transitions–for leaders, teams, and entire organizations. When leaders take new roles, they need to climb steep learning curves, define direction, build their team, and get early wins as rapidly as possible. New leaders often also need to assess, reshape, reorganize, and accelerate the teams they inherited. Major organizational changes, such as restructuring, accelerated growth, and post-acquisition integration, involve many leaders taking new roles and many newly-formed teams in need of connection, alignment, and acceleration. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • avoid common traps and create momentum when taking a new role,
  • assess and reshape a leadership team you’ve inherited, and
  • accelerate the transition to a new organizational structure.

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