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Leading Diversity: What Top Managers Need to Know
Peter Linkow (MBA 1977), Managing Director, Lead Diversity, Senior Fellow, Human Capital, The Conference Board
Workforce diversity is a reality. If you are not addressing the challenges of a diverse workforce today, then demographic change, globalization, the purchasing power and demands of diversity markets, as well as the advantages of a diverse workforce mean that you will be confronting those challenges tomorrow. Yet, progress toward creating competitive advantage through diverse workforces has been interminably slow as many employees fear and resist diversity. Bias demonstrably permeates talent decisions, and employees and managers find it difficult to follow leaders who don't demonstrate a clear commitment to diversity.

This webinar, based on extensive research, offers sensible solutions to these dilemmas. Participants will learn:

  • why employees resist diversity initiatives and how to ameliorate their resistance,
  • a simple way to assess bias in talent decision making,
  • two pioneering approaches to mitigating bias, and
  • a pathway to commitment and effective diversity leadership.