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Grown and Flown: Parenting Through the High School Years
Mary Dell Harrington (MBA 1982), Cofounder and Coauthor, Grown and Flown
High school is a time of dynamic growth for kids who enter in 9th grade with one foot still in childhood and graduate four years later, well on their way to adulthood. But teens are not the only ones in a family who are changing. Adults, too, must learn to adapt to the challenges of parenting older kids. Beginning with their first days as brand-new freshmen, to the heart-stopping moment we hand them the car keys, through the stressful college application process, we must also come to terms with the emotional and practical aspects of letting go of our increasingly independent children. Drawing from five years of coauthorship of parenting blog, Grown and Flown, http://grownandflown.com, Harrington will share advice from experts in education and healthcare as well as the collective wisdom she has gained from the 100,000+ social media followers the blog now attracts.