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Build a Stand-Out Resume
Jill Huggett, Founder, Bridgepath Career Advisors; Career Coach, Harvard Business School
It's no secret that your resume is critical to landing the job you deserve, and you need to be sure it is an accurate and powerful reflection of your story. Everything from the content messaging and positioning to the template needs to be outstanding. Join Jill Huggett, certified career coach and resume writer and founder of Bridgepath Career Advisors, to find out exactly how to get your resume into the best shape ever.

In this webinar, Jill will teach you the rationale and techniques to writing your own resume. You will learn:
  • why writing your resume as if you were the hiring manager allows you to speak directly to them,
  • how to choose what stays in and what comes out,
  • how to get your message across within the precious few seconds you have to catch the eye, and
  • how to overcome objections such as gaps or a career transition.