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Joining the Right Startup
Steve Kirschner (MBA 1986), Chairman, Package Perfect, Ltd.; CMO, HBS Alumni Angels Association
Startups are like infants: brand new, exciting, bursting with hope and potential. Unfortunately, if you're thinking about joining a startup, that excitement doesn't help much. In fact, it often confuses the issues about which deal could succeed and which could fail or, more importantly, which deal is the best fit for you. In this webinar, you will learn a methodical approach for:
  • determining whether you are personally ready to make the leap to join a startup,
  • how to analyze a startup to ensure it has a decent shot at success,
  • how to best leverage your talents and skills to maximize your stake, while evaluating your offer to ensure your payout is sufficient,
  • recognizing warning signs and flagging inappropriate “requirements,” and
  • a little-known HBS resource that provides a birds-eye view on startups in your area.

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