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5 Happiness Hacks That Drive Productivity, Sales, and Creativity
Neil Pasricha (MBA 2007), New York Times Bestselling Author; TED Talk speaker; former Director of Leadership, Walmart
According to Harvard Business Review, happy people are 37% more productive, have 31% higher sales, and are three times more creative than their peers. In this webinar, Neil Pasricha (MBA 2007) provides models to create lasting happiness including building diverse support networks, managing energy and stress, and leveraging time management. Through researching top leaders for his book, The Happiness Equation, working as director of Leadership Development at Walmart, and consulting for multiple large corporations, Pasricha developed unique frameworks to create happiness in individuals and drive engagement and high-performance results inside organizations. During this webinar, you will learn to:
  • reduce stress by implementing 1 of 5 evidence-based happiness exercises,
  • manage time by mapping decisions onto "Space 2x2," which maps Time vs. Importance and helps automate, regulate, and effectuate decisions, and
  • enable stronger work relationships in diverse settings by implementing The "20 for 20 Challenge" across working groups - a team-based exercise leveraging social signals to increase productivity, sales, and creativity.