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Buying a Small Business: How to Take Advantage of Big Opportunities
Richard S. Ruback, Willard Prescott Smith Professor of Corporate Finance
Royce G. Yudkoff (MBA 1980), Professor of Management Practice
There are more than 1 million smaller firms in North America and each year thousands and thousands come up for sale, principally as founders retire. Acquiring the right kind of smaller firm offers very compelling economic rewards, and you can become CEO of one of these companies right now. These well-established, lasting, profitable businesses offer a higher safety of principal than startups, greater professional independence than working in someone else's company, and significant profit opportunity because competition to buy them is much less than for larger firms.

In this webinar, professors Richard Ruback and Royce Yudkoff will introduce participants to the advantages of buying a small business as well as how to pursue the sourcing, screening, and financing of a search and purchase.