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Unlocking Growth & Resilience in Your Organization
Thomas Bartman (MBA 2014), Member of the Forum for Growth and Innovation

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Unlocking Growth & Resilience: Concept Recap
  • Business models consist of 4 elements: the value proposition, resources, processes and the profit formula
  • There are 3 levels to the Job to Be Done: the functional level, the experiential level and the integrative level
  • Business models travel a one-way, predestined journey that hardens the interdependencies making the business model rigid
  • In the creation stage, business models are flexible and focused on discovering an unfulfilled Job to Be Done
  • In the improvement stage, business models become more rigid as the processes that enable it to reliably serve customers come to dominate the model
  • In the capital redemption stage, ratio performance metrics of the profit formula dominate the business model; to improve efficiency the interdependencies of the model are cemented and components are outsourced
  • While businesses cannot change, companies can through business model innovation

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Managers of companies in every industry and geography are focused on business model innovation as a way to respond to competitive threats and create new growth opportunities. Despite all of the effort and attention, the failure rate for corporate transformations is stubbornly high. The problem stems from a lack of understanding of how businesses are formed and evolve over the course of their existence, the types of changes they embrace and those they resist.

In this presentation, Tom Bartman, previously a member of the HBS Forum for Growth and Innovation, will teach managers how to unlock growth and resilience by understanding and implementing effective business model innovations.