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Impact Investing: Challenges and Opportunities
V. Kasturi Rangan, Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing

Never has there been a time when so many believed in both the ability and responsibility of the private sector to combat the world's greatest social challenges—from poverty to climate change to accessible health care. Recent years have seen the creation of thousands of businesses across the globe aiming to generate profit and also achieve a social mission. This influx of businesses has been accompanied by the emergence of impact investing, a new approach to investing dedicated to generating significant social impact alongside financial returns. Today's young leaders and the next generation of high net worth individuals aim to build their businesses and invest their wealth in endeavors to fight hunger, bring clean water, education, and healthcare to the world’s poor, and end homelessness. Large-scale institutional investors are examining how to engage in socially responsible investing—screening out negative social impacts—and generate positive social outcomes at market rates of return. Can this new form of investing truly move the needle on some of society's greatest challenges?

In this webinar, Professor Kash Rangan will discuss the state of this burgeoning field of investments, the different types of investors involved across the investment spectrum, and the financial instruments being deployed such as social impact bonds/pay-for-success contracts. He will also explore the role of supporting intermediaries in this emerging industry, including the nonprofit sector and public-private partnerships, and the challenges inherent in measuring social and environmental impact.