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Returning to Work After a Break
Carol Fishman Cohen (MBA 1985), Cofounder, iRelaunch; coauthor of Back on the Career Track

As a "relauncher" herself, Carol Cohen (MBA 1985) understands the challenges of returning to work after multi-year career breaks. She has also engaged with hundreds of hiring managers to understand their biases and the risk they associate with hiring people who are returning from a career break. Her widely disseminated Harvard Business Review article, "The 40-Year-Old Intern", was the first to identify the emergence of internship-like arrangements as a top career reentry strategy across employment sectors.

Carol will present:

  • milestone moments of real return-to-work journeys that separate the successes from the failures,
  • specific career reentry advice and strategies, and
  • the best return-to-work resources.

Strategies and advice will be illustrated through the return-to-work experience of panelist Loraine Tomeh, a 1985 MBA graduate from Harvard Business School. Loraine's story will demonstrate how an MBA can work up to a senior-level position after a career break.