What’s new in the new Alumni Directory?

Take a video tour of the new Alumni Directory.

The Alumni Directory has been redesigned to make finding alumni quicker and easier. In addition to improving under-the-hood processes, the Directory pages have been changed to highlight previously hidden features, speed up navigation from profile to profile, and get the user to their desired results more efficiently. New features also have been added, including an often-requested download feature.

Changes of note in the new Alumni Directory

  • All search categories are now visible on the first screen.
  • Frequently used filters are on the left, while more advance features are listed under “More Search Refiners.”
  • A “Quick View Profile” now allows users to see the most important info at a glance, as well as navigate quickly to the next alumnus in a results list, while a link to the full profile is available for a deeper look.
  • The “Quick View Profile” also includes “Send a Message” and vCard links.
  • Search Tools now include options to print results, send a message to alumni, and download results.
  • The “Print results” option includes home and office addresses. “Download” results include profile URLs.
  • By default, deceased alumni are excluded from search. There is a check-box option to include this.

For a side-by-side comparison of the new Directory and the classic Directory review the What's New document.