Jim Borron

Jim joined Baker for Business in 2015 as Managing Director. He started with HBS in 2006, responsible for IT Program Management and Administrative Computing. Before Harvard, Jim spent fifteen years with Reuters helping professionals get the information and systems needed to understand, make decisions, and conduct business. Jim has an MBA from the Univ. of Warwick and an MLIS.

Leslie Burmeister

Leslie joined Baker Library in 2006. Prior to joining HBS, she worked in book publishing, specializing in sales and marketing. At Baker Library, Leslie focuses on retail & luxury goods and marketing, and also contributes research to entrepreneurship programming. Leslie has a Masters in Library & Information Science and a B.A. in History.

Meghan Dolan

Prior to joining Baker Library in May 2008, Meghan was the Head of Numeric Data Services within the Social Sciences Program at Harvard College Library. Meghan's research experience spans the fields of government, economics, media/entertainment and healthcare. She has a Masters in Library Science and a B.A. in Art and Spanish.

Kathryn Fitzgerald

Kathryn joined Baker library in 2013 after beginning her library career at the University of Toronto. Kathryn is an experienced business librarian with particular expertise serving entrepreneurs in emerging technologies and social innovation. She has a master’s degree in Information Studies and a B.A. in Art History and French.