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Bridging the gap between knowledge and action requires time, energy, and credible information.

Baker Library’s research expertise can help you gain insight into a market, an industry, or an innovation that your experience tells you the world has been waiting for.

Designed with and for HBS alumni, this fee-based research service combines the talent and expertise of Baker Library researchers with select Baker information resources. B4B Research saves you time and delivers customized, quality research, analysis and summaries in easy-to-read reports.

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B4B customers are typically looking for reliable industry or market research, news updates, company & deal data, management best practices, or target lists.

A sampling of the types of questions we get and the ways we have helped people and firms:

  • Review pitch decks and business plans, fill in the data gaps, and fortify the facts.
  • Come up to speed on current trends and issues in topics such as alternative energy, tiny houses, driverless cars, equity based crowd financing, the impact of Brexit, etc.
  • Obtain potential customer, competitor, or supplier background, financials and news on both public and private companies across the globe, or in the geography next door.
  • Evaluate the attractiveness of specific market sectors in different countries.
  • Determine appropriate pay levels and executive compensation in specific industries and company types.
  • Develop leadership programs for executives in corporate support functions.
  • Build lists of firms in a given geography or industry, based on specific target criteria.
  • Understand the current state of the art of strategic planning best practices for nascent firms operating in a mature industry

Note: B4B does not conduct primary research such as surveys, interviews, or focus groups, and we will tell you where we cannot help and will refer you to others as appropriate. 

We excel at uncovering and synthesizing data, market research, articles, reports, and other types of information from a broad array of sources to help you move your ideas forward more quickly, with greater confidence, and with far less hassle.