Can alumni use Baker Library?

Alumni may use Baker Library on site, free of charge, with a Baker Access Card. Access cards may be obtained at the service desk of Baker Library. Please bring photo ID. See more detailed policy information here.

How can I get a Baker Access Card?

Alumni may obtain an access card at the Stamps Reading Room Service Desk, located on the third floor of Baker Library. Please bring photo ID. See more detailed policy information here.

How do I make an appointment to visit Baker's Historical Collections?

Fill out the online Historical Collections Reference Request Form, or contact the Historical Collections Reference Staff at 617-495-6411.

What is eBaker and how can I access it?

eBaker is an online collection of business research resources. The site is designed specifically for HBS alumni to provide timely and authoritative information for professional development, career planning, and business research for personal use.

Key features include:

  • Free access to several proprietary databases, a discounted rates for OneSource and IBISWorld.
  • Business websites recommended by HBS librarians, and links to internal HBS resources.
  • A navigational structure based on research tasks, and instructions on how to use the resources.

eBaker is provided by Baker Library and HBS Alumni Relations. We welcome your feedback on this product.

Please note that use of the databases is for your individual professional development only and not for commercial purposes. Please refer to our User Agreement and Privacy Policy for further clarification regarding using the site.

I can't access one of the resources - what should I do?

Please contact us and let us know which resource you are trying to use and what message you are getting when attempting access.

What is my LEFA and password?

Your Lifelong E-mail Forwarding Address (LEFA) gives you access to protected areas of the HBS alumni Web site. For information on your LEFA's benefits or to update it, go to:

Does B4B conduct surveys or other primary research?

B4B does not conduct primary research such as surveys, interviews, or focus groups. We excel at uncovering and synthesizing data, market research, articles, reports, and other types of information from a broad array of sources.

Is my B4B project confidential?

All research projects will be kept confidential within the team. We do have a confidentiality agreement that we can share with you to ensure the privacy and security of the research.

How much does your B4B Research service cost?

Independent (self-service) and facilitated eBaker support are free. Pricing for B4B Research subscriptions and projects is based on a standard hourly rate; please contact us for additional details.