Researching Your Options

Starting to get the job search underway but feeling overwhelmed? These tools can help you stay organized and informed as you start to explore your options.

As an alumnus, you have access to many of Baker Library's resources. Connect with a librarian to explore your options or leverage eBaker to research information on professional development and career planning, and to stay current on business news.

Jobtreks is a job search organizational and networking tool. Sign-up for a free account. Jobtreks helps you stay organized and on top of your networked search.

Founded by an HBS alumnus, Paysa helps alumni in the technology space research their market salaries as they think about roles. It is particularly useful for alumni who are interested to take on leadership roles in technology driven companies and functions as well as venture capitalists and investors who are looking to understand the market compensation across both salary and equity components for executives teams at start-ups they invest in.

Finding Job Opportunities

Looking for a new opportunity or that next step in your career? It is estimated that over 70% of jobs come from networking opportunities. Take advantage of the vast and diverse HBS network through the HBS Alumni Directory. Here are a few other resources to look into:

Global employers frequently post jobs for alumni. Set up your profile in our job board if you haven’t already and search by industry, function and location. You can also upload your resume to the Alumni Resume Database, which is purchased by employers all over the world.

ExecThread is the largest aggregator of unpublished senior-level job opportunities that enables its members to access the hidden job market.

GradLeaders is an additional resource that you may use to learn about fulltime opportunities. With GradLeaders, you will be able to put your resume and a career profile online, conveying your work experiences and preferences to global organizations.

LinkedIn is not just for networking. It offers its own job board that allows you to see if you have any mutual connections with anyone at your target company.

The Ladders is a job board that focuses primarily on manager and above positions with pre-screened $100K+ career opportunities.

Idealist is a job board with a focus on social enterprise. Job postings are frequently mission-driven with an emphasis on collaboration.

Interested in working for a startup? AngelList is a website for startups to find financial backers, invest in startups or find job opportunities in a startup.


HBS has arranged for HBS alumni to access job listings via London Business School, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Stanford School of Business, and INSEAD.

Through a reciprocal agreement between Harvard Business School and London Business School, alumni who are job hunting may subscribe to the London Business School Alumni Job Board, which features experienced level roles predominantly in Europe, posted by organizations and executive search firms. Requires LEFA to register.
Six-month subscription: £48

Kellogg offers 24/7 access to Kellogg alumni job board (Kellogg Reciprocal Alumni Career Network). It includes Midwest job opportunities.
Download subscription form

Stanford offers access to its job listings through its online database.
Download subscription form

INSEAD offers access to its job database hosted by MBA Exchange. It includes international job opportunities.
Download subscription form

Contact Career & Professional Development if you have any questions prior to subscribing.

Executive Search Firms

Search firms are grouped into retained firms, working on exclusive assignments and paid by the client whether or not the position is filled, and contingency firms, which may or may not have an exclusive assignment and are paid a fee only if a position is filled with a candidate they have recommended. Retained firms usually handle assignments for higher level management positions, generally have a more professional reputation, and are the type probably of most interest to HBS alumni.

Executive search firms can be useful during the job search. Before you dive in, we want to share best practices. If you are interested in connecting with retained executive search firms, it is usually best not to reach out directly. Instead, make a connection through your network. Ask a former colleague, classmate or friend to introduce you to the executive search firm. A connection can vouch for you and provide added context to your candidacy for the role. However, in some instances, you may not have a connection at a firm, so reaching out or applying directly may be appropriate.

Additionally, if you are hoping to get on the radar screens of executive search firms, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. Write a summary that highlights the leadership challenges that you would be able to best help an organization overcome. Do not forget to include information under your work experience that supports your positioning. For more tips, visit our LinkedIn Resources and/or request a LinkedIn makeover by emailing