Coming to the realization that you want or need to make a career change can be both exciting and daunting. You may be driving this career change as part of your own career road map. Or, you may be making a change that you had not anticipated due to market volatility or family circumstances. No matter what the catalyst for the change, it’s important to have a short and long-term strategy in place to navigate this change.


Defining Your Career Vision

Who are you and what do you want for the next phase of your career? Use CareerLeader to help define your career vision.

Determining Your Next Move

Leverage our many resources from the moment you’re thinking about making a change to best prepare you for your next step.


Did you know up to 85 percent of jobs are found through networking? Be strategic about making connections while on the job hunt.

Resumes & Cover Letters

A strong resume and cover letter can give the recruiter a clear indication of whether or not you would be best suited for the position. 

Interviewing & Negotiating

Learn how to take the appropriate steps needed to present yourself well in everything from the first interview all the way to the negotiating table.

Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool. Review the resources below to ensure you are putting your best foot forward.

Work Authorization

Are you an international alumnus looking to work in the United States? We know that it can often be tricky to figure out the requirements needed to secure work authorization.