Start by identifying potential industries where your skills would be needed and then create a list of organizations and their directors.


Start Connecting

  • Let the word out - inform your network of your interest in joining a board
  • Leverage family/friend connections and ask them to speak on your behalf
  • Add a sentence to your LinkedIn Summary about the type of board opportunity that interests you
  • Seek out CEOs, board members, and investors who could be helpful. Then, develop a strategy to connect with them (through industry meetings, informal networks, LinkedIn, charitable organizations, etc.)
  • Search for fellow alumni in the HBS Alumni Resume Book who have relevant board experience
  • Identify and contact executive search firms (see list below)

Increase Your Visibility

  • Sell yourself as an expert - get published, get quoted, give speeches, serve on panels, etc.
  • Invest in the organization
  • Consult (preferably for the desired organization)
  • Volunteer to serve on a non-profit board