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We're pleased to announce we’ve teamed up with Harvard Business Publishing to bring you two offerings: Harvard ManageMentor® and their newest addition, Harvard ManageMentor Spark®. Both are on-demand leadership development resources that provide HBS alumni with tools to enhance their professional skills. Whether you’re looking to brush up on a single topic or charting a managerial path for yourself, these tools are designed to help you achieve your goals and drive business impact.

How are these tool different?

Harvard ManageMentor® covers 40 topics including decision making, finance essentials, developing employees, and diversity. Each of the topics on Harvard ManageMentor® include Lessons that are comprised of three sections: Learn, Practice and Reflect, providing the opportunity to practice the learning from each lesson and take an assessment if desired. View videos, use handouts and discussion guides, and read related articles on subjects of interest to gain pertinent professional development skills.

Enter Harvard ManageMentor

Harvard ManageMentor Spark® offers expanded access to a wide range of subject areas beyond those available in Harvard ManageMentor. Learners can build on what they’ve learned in Harvard ManageMentor, or engage in entirely new subjects such as Authenticity, Big Data and Analytics, Design Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. The content in HMM Spark is curated and continuously updated by HBP’s Leadership Development experts. Content is organized in a way that allows learners to start with short bursts and connect to deep learning (skill builders, lessons and related content). This range of subject areas and formats addresses the barriers to learning, such as time constraints, by providing daily new content that allows faster speed to market on new concepts.

Enter Harvard ManageMentor Spark