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Making A Difference

Using Technology to Help Reclaim Lives from Addiction

Peter Loeb (MBA 1991)

“Lionrock is my revenge against addiction,” says Peter Loeb (MBA 1991), cofounder and chief executive of Lionrock Recovery, the largest online addiction recovery program in the US and Canada. “This venture is part of my healing.”

A seasoned business innovator with experience in interactive media and technology, financial services, and energy, Loeb launched Lionrock in 2011, not long after his sister lost her lifelong battle with opiate and alcohol abuse. “It’s very common in this field to have a personal or family history with addiction,” says Loeb, whose eldest daughter, a Lionrock cofounder and director of client services, is marking nearly a decade in recovery herself.

Lionrock’s approach draws on Loeb’s firsthand knowledge of the challenges faced by rehab clients and their families. “Privacy is key,” he states. “The stigma our culture has wrongfully attached to addiction keeps many from seeking help. Our at-home program uses secure videoconferencing to ensure that clients are known only to their counselors and their fellow recovery group members.”

Lionrock also uses a proprietary mobile application to help clients create and adhere to daily routines that promote sobriety and motivate healthy behavior.

“As a student at HBS,” Loeb reflects, “I thought I would pursue a career at the intersection of television and computers. I never dreamed that, many years later, I would be using that concept to help people save their own lives.”

(Published August 2016)