Making A Difference

Powering into the Future

Alexander Gruzen (MBA 1990)

Alexander Gruzen (MBA 1990) is CEO of WiTricity Corp., in Texas. In this video, he explains how his company is helping to lead the world toward a more sustainable future.

“I wanted to create something very new and had a chance to join a young company that was founded at MIT, by an MIT physics professor, where they have invented a new way to move power without wires. The company’s called WiTricity—wireless electricity—and it couldn’t be more exciting.

“We have so many new electronic devices in our lives that we are all dependent upon, and I think probably the greatest frustration that people have is having to plug them in all the time and charge them. So we use magnetic waves to move the power, and to move it very efficiently. There are applications across all of these consumer electronics, automotive vehicles, even medical devices to power new bioelectronics that would be implanted in your body.

“If you look at electric vehicles, it’s a great example. One of our customers, that builds probably the largest fleet in the world of plug-in hybrids, has found that the majority of their customers never plug it in. It’s [because] they can just use it on gas or electric, they just don’t bother. We want to make it a no-brainer. You pull into your garage, you don’t have to think about it, and the car will just start charging.

“I really came to HBS to round out my skill set to be a general manager. My whole aspiration was I wanted to go run a business, and HBS got me that first global leap to go leave Boston, to go to Tokyo, to go work in a leading international corporation and just start building those skills.”

(Published February 2016)