Douglas Spreng (MBA 1967)

He established a charitable gift annuity to honor his 50th reunion and support HBS for the next 50 years.

Hal (MBA 1968) and Diane Brierley

They named HBS as a beneficiary of their estate to perpetuate their annual support.

Christopher Harland (MBA 1984)

He established a charitable remainder trust to help HBS maintain its excellence while he receives a lifetime income.

Suzanne J. Battit (MBA 1992)

She included HBS in her will in appreciation for the education, friendships, and springboard to a great career that HBS gave her.

Clare B. Hawthorne (MBA 2012)

She included HBS in her will to show appreciation for the many HBS moments that continue to have an impact on her life.

Kurt (MBA 1967) and Louise Wulff

A charitable remainder trust enabled the Wulffs to fulfill their long-term financial, tax-planning, and philanthropic goals.

Thomas S. Murphy (MBA 1949)

His HBS education was vital to his career and life, so he remembered the School in his will to provide that same opportunity to others.

Brenda Bence (MBA 1991)

She named the School in her will to help ensure the School continues to nurture the next generation of business leaders.

Bill (MBA 1966) and Penny George

The Georges made a legacy gift to invest in students’ character development and ethical leadership.

Jacek Makowski (MBA 1960)

He named HBS as a beneficiary of his charitable remainder trust to support financial aid, with a preference for students from his native Poland.

Chuck (MBA 1970) and Sue Fienning

The couple established a charitable gift annuity to support the HBS Fund for Leadership and Innovation, which provides flexible funding for core priorities and new opportunities.

Yat-Pang (MBA 2000) and Helina Au

They remembered HBS in their will to establish an endowed fellowship so that future students can benefit from the transformative HBS experience.

Gary (MBA 1963) and Terie Roubos

A charitable gift annuity enabled them to make a bigger gift than they thought possible while also fulfilling their financial and tax-planning needs.

Robert (MBA 1964) and Lynn Burt

The Burts established a charitable gift annuity that will ultimately endow a fellowship providing financial aid, with a preference for US Marine Corps veterans.

Catherine Kuehn Price (MBA 1986) and Malcolm Price (MBA 1987)

The couple cites two primary reasons for supporting HBS: appreciation for what they learned as students and enthusiasm for the School’s 21st century agenda.