HBS Faculty Research: The Inspiration and the Impact
Six faculty members talk about how they identify and explore the ideas that fuel their teaching and influence business practice.


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Read stories and watch videos that bring to life the impact of the School’s faculty members and students:


Impact is Personal: Fellowships

Fellowships enable the School to fulfill its mission by investing in men and women who have the highest potential for leadership, the widest range of experiences, and the greatest ambition to make a difference in the world.


A Chance to Lead


Four alumni who received fellowships discuss the impact of that support as they strive to make a difference in the world.


Enabling the Dream of Building a Healthy Future for India


Surabhi Bhandari (MBA 2017) wants to launch a medical technology startup in India that will help revolutionize health care in her native country.


Transferring Skills from the Military to the Private Sector


Rebecca Greenbaum (MBA 2017) saw earning an MBA as “the bridge between being a leader in the military and being a leader in the business world.”


Acquiring Business Skills to Advance a Career Trajectory


As a boy in Asheboro, North Carolina, George Sondecker (MBA 2016) developed a fondness for launching rockets that evolved into a passion for working in the aerospace industry.


Conducting Research that Influences Practice


Tami Kim, a doctoral student at HBS, is conducting research into how the restaurant business could benefit from transparency—literally—by making it possible for chefs and diners to see one another.


Impact is Transformational: Educational Innovation

Since pioneering the use of the case method for business education a century ago, HBS has continually innovated and remained at the forefront of management education.


Field Course Helps Nascent Entrepreneurs Connect with Customers


Students are paired with organizations for work that gives them hands-on skills and incorporates the use of analytical tools.


China IFC: Global Access, Global Perspective


The course introduced students to a cross section of Chinese industry and commerce while also providing a deeper dive into a particular sector.


Design Thinking: Hands-On Learning at the Harvard Innovation Lab


Professor Srikant Datar’s creative problem-solving course, Design Thinking and Innovation, brings students together to hone their skills in identifying opportunities, prototyping solutions, and iterating to meet customer needs.


A Bridge to the Future


Bridges, part of a larger effort to strengthen the second year of the MBA Program, gives students an opportunity to reflect on their time at the School and to consider how they want to make a difference in the world.


Impact is Boundless: Global Understanding

In the 21st century, effective leadership requires a truly global perspective and understanding. The best ideas can come from anywhere, and examples of great leadership and management practice exist everywhere.


New Regional Offices Broaden HBS’s Intellectual Reach


The Global Initiative aims to strengthen the School’s engagement with businesses and business leaders around the world and to deepen the faculty’s understanding of global management practices.


HBS Gains New Insight into Africa


With a growing population of 1.2 billion people living in 54 geographically, politically, and economically diverse countries, Africa has become a dynamic frontier for business and entrepreneurship.


Examining Global Workforce Management


In her research into how businesses are reinventing layoffs, Professor Sandra J. Sucher (MBA 1976) is examining the impact of layoffs and comparative approaches to workforce management around the world.


Classroom Lessons Put Into Practice Abroad


A team of first-year HBS MBA students discovered while doing fieldwork in São Paulo, Brazil, in some countries, proximity to one’s neighborhood can be a more influential factor when deciding where to shop.


FIELD 2 Gives Students Hands-On Exposure to Business Practices in Malaysia


Not long after arriving in Kuala Lumpur in January 2015, Jennifer Henderson (MBA 2016) realized that her perception of what it would be like to work with a company there differed from the reality.


Impact is Pathbreaking: Research

For more than a century, HBS faculty have been at the forefront in developing innovative ideas and tools that have defined the language of business and reshaped management practice.


Using Data to Explore Uncharted Territories


Associate Professor Raffaella Sadun explains how she uses data to explore how investments in information technology by organizations impacts productivity.


Writing the Case of a Company Coming Back from the Brink


Professor Jan Rivkin discusses his passion for case writing and how the Lego case came to be.


Uncovering the Secrets of Mittelstand Success


The remarkable success of the Mittelstand—small and mid-sized companies prevalent in German-speaking countries—has long captured the attention of global business practitioners and scholars.


Cultivating the Next Generation of Thought Leaders


What makes the associate years such a “sweet spot” for faculty development is their intense blend of research and teaching, which in turn promotes innovative thinking.


HBS and SEAS Explore Opportunities for Innovative Thinking


Collaboration between faculty members at Harvard Business School and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) was the subject of the schools’ first joint research symposium in May 2016.


Addressing Gender Equity in Business and Society


With the launch of the Gender Initiative in spring 2015, HBS is poised to become an important resource for research on gender.


Applying Strategy Concepts in Innovative Ways through Technology


Part Monopoly marathon, part chess championship, “Strategic Brew” is a multimedia simulation that engages students in a fast-paced exercise in strategic decision-making.