When do I need to fulfill my pledge?

Donors to HBS, particularly alumni in reunion classes, can make pledges to be fulfilled at a later date. Guidelines for payments differ for reunion and annual giving pledges.

Reunion Pledges:
For the 5th, 10th, 15th 20th, 50th, and beyond
Pledges must be made by June 30 following the reunion and should be fulfilled by the following December 31.

For the 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, and 45th
Pledges must be made by December 31 following the reunion and should be fulfilled by the following June 30.

Non-Reunion Pledges:
Must be paid by June 30th fiscal year close to be counted in giving totals and listed in the School's Contributors Report.

To speak with someone about your pledge, please contact HBS Gift Management at 617-495-6207.

Will I get credit for pledge payments?

All donors will be credited and recognized in the annual Contributors Report for the full amount of any gifts and pledges made during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) and recognized each year as payments are received.

Will my gift to HBS be automatically credited to my class?

Yes, all gifts receive class credit.

Will my spouse and I both receive credit for a gift to HBS?

Joint crediting is an option but is not automatically applied. Couples must indicate if they would like their gift to be entered jointly, in which case the amount will be split 50/50 for tax purposes but each person will receive class credit and recognition for the full amount of the gift. Please contact the Gift Management office at 617.495.6207 or gifts@hbs.edu for further information about crediting.

What is the crediting policy for planned gifts?

HBS will give credit to the donor and donor's class for the full face value of an irrevocable life-income gift. Such credit is given also for a bequest intention, properly documented, in the 50th reunion or later.

How do I take advantage of my company's matching gift program?

Please use our online search tool or contact your company's human resources office to find out if your employer matches charitable gifts and to learn the associated policies and procedures.

What is the School's Federal Tax Identification number?

President and Fellows of Harvard College, ID# 04-2103580

When will I receive a receipt for my gift?

You can expect to receive an official receipt in 10-15 business days after HBS receives your gift.

How can I get a duplicate tax receipt for my gift?

To request a duplicate receipt, contact Harvard Alumni and Development Services at 617.495.1750 or ads@harvard.edu.