The School offers many opportunities for its alumni to connect with each other and with breakthrough ideas in management. And by leveraging the expertise and experience of its alumni, HBS advances its mission to educate leaders who make a difference in the world.

Programs & Events

Alumni are invited to participate in our webinars and online learning programs, hear faculty talks taking place in their region, learn from fellow alumni based on industry and interests, keep building their HBS network, and find other ways to stay connected to the School and each other.



Alumni support the School and the global alumni community by volunteering in a wide range of important roles, from reunion planning to fundraising to Young Alumni Ambassadors.


Volunteer Spotlight

Patrick Chun, MBA 2010

“In conversation with classmates, I share my sense of what HBS has done for me, and that gets people thinking about the role of the School in their own successes. It’s not much of a leap from there to embracing the responsibility of contributing to the virtuous cycle at HBS.”


Share Your Expertise

Alumni possess extraordinary insights, skills, and experience that can greatly enrich the HBS community and provide value to current students and fellow alumni.



Over 100 alumni clubs, associations, and affiliates are already networking and serving their communities, including one near you. Connect with fellow alumni in your area today.


HBS Reunions are an exciting and wonderful time at the School—a time for reconnecting with classmates and friends, exchanging ideas, tapping into communities of knowledge, and finding inspiration.