THE BULLETIN WILL ACCEPT ADS FOR real estate sales, real estate rentals, or vacation rentals. Please do not submit personal ads or employment ads.

PER WORD ADVERTISING RATES: $3.00 per word in the Bulletin. Ten word minimum. Telephone numbers (including area codes) count as one word. Zip codes are free. Boldfacing the first two words is standard practice. Extra bold faced words are $2.00 per word additional.

ONLINE RATES: For an additional $10 per month per ad, ads may now appear on the online edition at

IMPORTANT: You must be a print advertiser in order to have your ads appear online. The website will be updated on the first of March, June, September, and December.

ONLINE PHOTOS: Photos as JPEGS will be displayed at a maximum 275 pixels wide. The rate is $15 per image per ad with a limit of two per ad. They will be displayed online only. Images may be submitted via e-mail as attachments to or mailed to HBS Bulletin Classifieds, Teele Hall, Boston, MA 02163. Any questions, please call 617-495-6554.

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