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A More Perfect Union

America’s faith in democracy is fading. Daniella Ballou-Aares is leading a group of alumni in an ambitious effort to restore it

Alumni Achievement Awards 2019

This year’s recipients of the School’s highest honor reflect on the passions, insights, and chance encounters that have shaped their personal and professional lives.

City on a Hill

There’s no silver bullet for economic recovery in Appalachia. It’s going to take a whole new ecosystem—which is just what Geoff Marietta has built


The Merchant of Osaka

A demographic time bomb is squeezing Japan’s economy from all sides and threatening the future of its health care system. Kanoko Oishi has bet her career that she can help defuse the situation—with solutions that sound more like a whisper than a boom

The Fight Beyond

James Holt Green was sent to lead a secret mission in 1944 that the United States thought could end World War II. When the plan fell apart, a new challenge began: survive the Slovakian wilderness—and keep up the fight

The One That Got Away

VCs confess their biggest whiff—and what it taught them


Tomorrow, Transformed

A vision of HBS in the 21st century

Source Code

Donna Dubinsky has made a career leading tech revolutions. Her latest and most ambitious: reinventing artificial intelligence—by reverse engineering the human brain

Hard Choices

The importance of thoughtful deliberation—and its implications for the future of capitalism

Lesson Plan

After serving alongside senior US Treasury officials during the financial crisis and advising clients at Goldman Sachs, Paige Gebhardt Cognetti took on her hardest challenge: the Scranton School Board. Can she help turn it around before it’s too late?


Havana Rising

Megumi Gordon and the impossible adventure of building a business in Cuba’s ascendant private sector

Moving Pictures

Screenwriter Josh Singer always wanted to do good in the world. So how did he end up in Hollywood?

After the Fall

HBS faculty on the causes of the 2008 global financial crisis—and how to prevent the next one


The Long Run

What happens when the unstoppable force of Jim Langford meets a seemingly immovable object: Georgia’s crippling opioid crisis

Up by the Roots

Inside New York City’s push to become a global fintech capital—and what its ascent can teach other cities

Alumni Achievement Awards

Meet the 2018 recipients of the School’s highest honor––business leaders who are truly making a difference.


Every Trick in the Book

What it takes to reinvent the bookstore for the age of Amazon

Making Sense of the Modern Startup

How Bill Sahlman invented Entrepreneurial Finance

The Founding

Four alumni recall the forces and factors that drove them to
found the African American Student Union


Year in Review 2017

From manufacturing to energy to health care, alumni experts weigh in on the new developments every business leader needs to understand. Plus: HBS faculty on what happens next with electric cars, mobile banking, the shopping mall, and more

Yoga Inc.

How far can yoga stretch beyond its spiritual roots?

Happy Meals (Are Here Again)

The McDonald’s turnaround isn’t about reinvention—
it’s about remembering what made the Golden Arches
a global icon in the first place


The Biggest Industry You’ve Never Heard Of

Esports claims to be bigger than basketball—and one day soon it may be

History’s Lessons

Professor Nancy Koehn uses the perspective of time to tell the stories
of ordinary people who, despite the odds, achieved extraordinary things

City of Dreams

In the midst of a post-conflict revival, Sri Lanka’s capital has big plans for its future. Enter one visionary—part dreamer, part pragmatist—with the soft power skills to make them a reality



Is the electric car finally on the road to mass-market adoption?

Life in Lockdown

Twenty-four hours inside Startup Lockdown,
a student-run crash course in entrepreneurship

Six Receive 2017 HBS Alumni Achievement Award

Meet the recipients of the School's highest honor


A Summit Higher Than Everest

In 1931, MBA student Terris Moore took a leave of absence from HBS to venture to the remote western edge of China—one of the few remaining “blank areas of the map.” His objective: to scale the great Minya Konka, height unknown

Big Blue’s Big Bet

IBM Watson is redefining the legendary tech company—and every industry it touches

The Middle Way

How Wally Eamer helped broker a historic peace in the forests of British Columbia


The Year in Books 2016

Alumni Authors on the Shelves

The Dragon’s Tale

Professor Warren McFarlan on China’s ascent
from famine and revolution to global economic prominence—
and where it goes from here

Vive la Madeleine!

How vision, perseverance, and many blocks of real Normandy butter created a new model for French manufacturing


The Taxi Wars of Jakarta

How two alumni-founded on-demand ride services are disrupting traffic in the world’s most congested city

How We Make It Work

Scenes, suggestions, and strategies from alumni combining careers and family life

Code name: Miesiąc

Waldemar Maj (MBA 1996) was a key figure in the underground publishing movement that helped topple Poland’s Communist government. Now he has another message for the world: Never forget the power of free speech


How Do We Win the Cyberwar?

We’re losing the war against hackers, and it’s costing business billions. Alumni cybersecurity experts tell us how we can turn the tide

2016 Alumni Achievement Awards

Reflections and insights from recipients of the School’s highest honor

Again in a Great City

Detroit—on the other side of the country’s largest municipal bankruptcy—suddenly looks like a good investment. Developer Peter Cummings (OPM 13, 1988) takes us on a tour of the city’s real estate revival


David Moss is Rewriting History

Can one HBS professor change how American history is taught in high schools?

The New Space Race

Touting everything from asteroid mining to shoebox-sized satellites, a new generation of space entrepreneurs is taking the search for the next big thing to the farthest reaches of the galaxy

On Credit

A Baker Library collection tracks the historical evolution of American commerce, one debtor at a time


The Year in Ideas 2015

Dozens of new, useful (and sometimes surprising) business insights from the HBS community

Golden State of Mind

Tim Draper’s eccentricities have led him to some of his biggest wins in venture capital. Can they help him in his fight to reboot the entire state of California?

The Adventures of Amy Chu

An illustrated journey from the corporate world to Comic-Con


The Business of Love

In search of the perfect dating app

The Protagonist Goes Prime Time

How HBS is bringing the case method into the digital era

The ‘F’ Word

Failure. No one likes it, yet everyone experiences it—even the high-achieving graduates of a certain business school.

Built for Speed

Jay Rogers set out to start a car company. He may have launched an industrial revolution, too.


Screen Grab

An inside look at how HBS alumni are redefining TV and changing what and how we watch

Higher Ground

How Carlos Miguel Prieto (MBA 1992) conducted a post-Katrina comeback for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra

The Military and the MBA

Alumni on the intersection of business and service


Warrior Spirit

In and out of the ring with martial arts mogul Chatri Sityodtong (MBA 1999)

Women in Tech: Breaking the Digital Ceiling

How the HBS community is taking on the tech industry’s “brogrammer” CEO stereotype.

A Boomtown's Echo

The effects of the American energy boom, in North Dakota and beyond


Good Investments

Make money by helping the poor? That’s the promise of a new brand of socially conscious investors. They just need a few true believers—and a few big wins—to bring their vision to the masses.

Front-Row Seat

How David Bradley (MBA 1977) turned a floundering magazine into a flourishing multimedia empire

Fashion's Retail Revolution

The alumni trendsetters who are changing how we shop and what we wear


Alumni Achievement Awards 2014

Meet the recipients of the School's highest honor

Afghanistan’s Hope and Light

Can Karim Khoja's communications revolution help save a country from collapse?


How HBS tradition inspires the design of a next-generation academic environment

All For One

In her new book, HBS Professor Linda Hill shows that when it comes to innovation, the most successful leaders don’t push a vision—they help others push theirs


Screen Saver

Gerry Lopez has scripted a Hollywood-style comeback for AMC theatres with a single-minded focus on the customer

What’s Next

As The HBS Campaign kicks off,
alumni ask Dean Nohria their
most pressing questions about
the future of the School.

Ready for Takeoff

Claudia Sender’s punch list: Manage a merger, figure out how to serve a whole new consumer class, and—oh yeah—the World Cup.


Generation Next

How Nisa Godrej is remaking her family's storied Indian business dynasty

My HBS Eureka Moment

Alumni share their moments of inspiration—dramatic and otherwise

The Solution to the Global Food Crisis Just Might Come from Nigeria

In one of West Africa's most turbulent countries, HBS alumni entrepreneurs are harnessing the extraordinary power of subsistence farmers.
Can they kick-start a green revolution?


Curing Health Care

Set on improving the health care industry's prognosis, several HBS alumni and faculty are pushing the medical and business boundaries with fixes that range from the technical to the biological.

Your Own Medicine

Three years ago, Gene Williams (MBA 1987) helped two parents set up a drug company to save their son's life. Their new patient-driven drug development blueprint may just end up saving the pharmaceutical industry too.

Faster, Bigger, Stronger: Supersizing the NFL

The world's premier league of spectacle and sport has an ambitious plan for growth. But some formidable challenges—everything from player safety to globalization—are standing in the way.


Passion & Purpose

Alumni Achievement Awards 2013

Leading the Way

Nohria and Hess on preparing the School to meet the challenges of a changing world

Who Are We?

Who are the HBS alumni? Here are a few of the stories behind the stats.

The First Scrum

Fifty years ago, two Scotsmen started an HBS rugby team to help relieve the stress of studies. A look back at one of the School's most storied traditions.


Five Bright Ideas

From pushing the envelope to updating the tried and true, HBS alumni are influencing the way education does business

Lesson Plans

Alumni working in every corner of education weigh in on the best path forward

Minding The Gap

An innovative HBS/HGSE project designed to help advance urban school achievement marks a decade of progress


Sizing Up Social Impact

Quantifying results in the social sector comes down to the tricky work of measuring social good

A Healthy Profit

How do you make health care for the poor affordable and self-sustaining? Make public health delivery commercially viable

Making Change

Social Entrepreneurship Fellows are putting the HBS mission into action

Bringing It Back Home

Nonprofit leaders and HBS faculty alike benefit from the virtuous circle that is the Strategic Perspectives program.

Opening the Door

Regina Herzlinger charted the course for HBS's tenured female faculty


The Accidental Pioneers

The School's early female graduates never intended to be trailblazers.

From Where We Stand

Alumnae reflect on their lives, careers, and leadership

50 Years & Counting

Women, Work, and HBS

HBS faculty are researching executive-suite challenges faced by women, to hasten the day when such gender-based inquiry is unnecessary.

Rival Visions

Hamilton, Gallatin, and the Financing of America


High Honors

Meet the 2012 Alumni Achievement Award recipients

What’s the Big Idea?

Five current research efforts are adding to HBS’s history of game-changing impact on business practice

Ideas in Action

New ideas from HBS faculty have immediate application in the workplace or in your own career

On a Sound Track

It takes a special kind of CEO to run a company that thrives on cool.... Just ask Jeremy Andrus (MBA 2002), head of Skullcandy.

The School of Life

In the year’s final class, an HBS professor speaks from the heart to his graduating students. Now his message is resonating with a far larger audience.


Around the World

How HBS embraced globalization and transformed its research and teaching

Straight to the Heart

Matchmaker and best-selling author Rachel Greenwald wrote the book on finding love

Made in the USA

Meet two entrepreneurs who confronted competitive challenges—and won


Where Innovation Rules

HBS alumni bring creative approaches to problem-solving to power their companies’ successes

The Accidental Innovator

Sal Khan is building a one-room schoolhouse for the world

Get Creative

5 Ways to Make Your Company More Innovative

Putting Ghosts to Rest

How cows and co-ops are paving the way for genuine reconciliation in Rwanda


Li & Fung’s Global Footprint

Leadership lessons from an exporting powerhouse

Making the Case for Leadership

Five alumni protagonists step out from the pages of HBS case studies to share their experiences and ideas about the successful exercise of leadership.

Reimagining the MBA

HBS Charts a New Course for Educating 21st-Century Leaders

Welcome to the Future

New HBS classroom “hives” and the Harvard Innovation Lab thrust students into a bold experiment in learning and collaborative work.


Extraordinary People

Meet the 2011 Alumni Achievement Award recipients

The City Solution

With urban areas already home to half the world’s people and with billions more residents on the way, making cities successful is key to the planet’s environmental and societal well-being.

Water for Life

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala (MBA ’87) helped to transform Manila’s rundown metropolitan water system from an inefficient public utility into a model public-private partnership.

Green Day

From grass-fueled power plants to carbon-negative cement, HBS alumni are working to put the “green” in green business.

The Spangler Effect

When its doors swung open on January 22, 2001, the Spangler Center instantly transformed life on campus. Ten years later, it’s hard to imagine the HBS community without it.


The House that Howard Built

Howard Stevenson and entrepreneurship at HBS

The Best-Laid Plans

Veterans of the HBS Business Plan Contest share their war stories about the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship. Fifteen years old and going strong, the contest continues to inspire a new generation of start-ups.

Where Conservation Means Business

In the Baker Library Historical Collections’basement conservation lab, yesterday’s ledgers are tomorrow’s research materials


Ever wonder what HBS professors read over the summer break? We put that question to several faculty members and got some interesting answers. Read on.

Mr. Start-Up

Mike Cassidy (MBA ’91) has launched and sold four tech companies since graduating from HBS. Now, at Google, he’s having even greater impact.


The Path to Economic Revival

America Needs an Economic Strategy to Put Innovation Back on Track

James McNerney Jr.

Chairman, President, & CEO, The Boeing Company

The Rankings Game

You have to know how it’s played to make sense of how leading publications evaluate business schools

Local Hero

Rescued and revived by president and limited partner Larry Baer, the San Francisco Giants brought home baseball’s biggest prize last season, the World Series trophy.


Ilene Lang

President & CEO, Catalyst

How to Survive Past Start-up

Hard-Won Lessons from Three Class of 1998 MBAs Who’ve Been There, Done That

The Transformers

An HBS professor and Bain’s worldwide managing director teamed up to show nonprofits and foundations how to bridge the gap between good intentions and real, measurable impact.

This Is What I Do

The roles are different, the passion is the same. Meet three HBS alumni who are upending traditional ways of doing things, improving people’s lives, and setting new standards in their fields.


RX for Change

Health-care reform is more than a policy debate — it’s a managerial challenge that can have life-or-death consequences. A new Executive Education program targets leaders working on the frontlines.

Dean Nohria Looks Ahead

He foresees an exciting period of innovation for the School and the field of management education

Fair Trade

Appearance, Attraction, and the Monetization of Allure


Michael Depatie

CEO & President, Kimpton Hotel & Restaurant Group

MBAs on a Mission

For nine years, the HBS Leadership Fellows program has helped MBAs launch careers with nonprofit and public-sector organizations — a win-win for everyone involved.

$how Me the Money

Working in the global financial system’s shadowy corners, Raymond Baker is on a mission to curtail corruption and bring the world’s illegally hidden wealth to light.

M.I.A. Boards

Pervasive negligence by boards of directors is ruining American business. New government regulations can help set things right, but ultimately improved board performance is up to shareholders and companies.


Money Matters

How two HBS classmates ditched their corporate jobs, launched a financial services advisory business for India’s growing middle class, and turned the worst global recession in decades into a blessing in disguise.

Eric Schiffer

CEO, 99¢ Only Stores

Sole Mates

At any given moment around the world, some twenty countries and territories are likely to be populated by just one HBS graduate. The Bulletin recently checked in with several such solitary alums, and here’s what they report.

Lords of Strategy

Inventing Business’s Great Game


Robert Goodwin

CEO, Executives Without Borders

The Fab Four

They all live for the risky, adrenaline-fueled rush of building a new business, but this year’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence each bring a different (and very personal) take on that experience to HBS.

One Man Crime Wave

John D. MacDonald’s American Noir

Up on the Green Roof

Shad’s new living roof shows how even the most inhospitable environments can be transformed into models of sustainability.


Rich Wilson

Educator, Sailor

Over the Top

What’s Wrong with Executive Pay?


Cynthia Carroll

Chief Executive, Anglo American plc

Too Big To Fail

Four little words have cost U.S. taxpayers dearly in government bailouts of once-mighty Wall Street firms. Congress can put an end to such costly rescues. But will it enact the regulatory cure that’s required?


Damon Silvers

Associate General Counsel, AFL-CIO

Model Patient

Massachusetts’s landmark health-care reform law is drawing the attention of many observers, including the Obama administration. Could it work on a national scale?

Your Taxi Is Waiting

Will a new category of “very light jets” shake up the business of flying? These HBS entrepreneurs hope so. A look at the ups and downs of developing a new industry in a turbulent economy.


A Force for Good

John McArthur’s impact extends far beyond his fifteen years as HBS Dean

Seth Klarman

President, The Baupost Group


The Levitt Brand

Scary. Generous. Funny. Wordsmith. Visionary. Provocateur.

Mara Aspinall

Genzyme Corporation; Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Balanced Equation

Leaders & Innovators at Work & at Ease

Building a Better MBA

The MBA is the most popular advanced degree on the planet. So why are many business schools scrambling to fix what a chorus of critics claim is badly broken? And where does that leave HBS?


Kash Rangan

Cofounder of the HBS Social Enterprise Initiative, Director of Research

Team MBA

What’s on the minds of the School’s newest alumni? We passed the mike to six members of the Class of 2008 to get their thoughts on collaborative learning and what life is really like at HBS.

A Binary Formula

Leadership for Science-Based Companies

The Prophet of Start-Ups

An unlikely HBS professor pioneers modern venture capital


One-on-One with Jim Breyer

Partner, Accel Partners

Innovation, Inc.

Three HBS professors share their most recent research on creativity, that seemingly rare flower with a very real role in getting new ventures off the ground, reinventing existing businesses, and creating productive work environments.


Lighten Up

How two East Coast HBS alums went West to launch a radical, lightweight outdoor gear business and struck an innovative deal with an industry heavyweight.

Mead Treadwell

Chairman, U.S. Arctic Research Commission

The Wise Men

Four Legendary HBS Professors on the School’s Past and Future


Ali Allawi

Former Minister of Defense and Finance in Post-Saddam Iraq


Steve Schwarzman

Chairman and CEO, The Blackstone Group

Up from the Ashes

The Life and Thought of Joseph Schumpeter


Daniel Vasella

Chairman and CEO of Novartis AG

The Plight of the Global Poor

Is it any business of business?

Security Chief

Louis Parker firmly believes in taking risks. Ironically, that trait landed him the top spot at GE’s nearly $2 billion security business.


One-on-One with Jeff Hicks

President and CEO, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Inside Intel

The Art of Andy Grove

The Hard Way

Nothing came easy for Sarina Russo, but that didn’t stop her from living her dream.


One-on-One with Carter Roberts

President and CEO, World Wildlife Fund

Down the Memory Chute

WAC, WOC, and Doing the Write Thing

Light Years Ahead

Jay Light, the School’s ninth Dean, talks about program innovation, faculty development, and the impact of globalization.

Street Singer

Carla Ann Harris has the chops, whether she’s performing at Carnegie Hall or managing an IPO.


One-on-One with Tom Oreck

CEO, Oreck Corporation, Home of the Oreck XL 8 lb. Upright Vacuum

Profiles from the Class of 2006

Diversity & Ambition

India Arrives

Economic reforms and a young, entrepreneurial workforce have lifted India into the global economy and raised its hopes for social development. HBS alumni talk about doing business in a country that has captured the world’s imagination.

A Capital Asset

With years of stellar service in key government and nonprofit posts, Bonnie Cohen is highly esteemed in Washington and beyond as a manager who gets things done.


One-on-One with Dr. Margaret Chan

Representative of the WHO Director-General for Pandemic Influenza

Drive-In Nation

Judgment Day for the U.S. Auto Industry?

The Producers

What’s it like to make movies in Hollywood outside the big-budget studios? A handful of independent producers talk about the risky but rewarding business of working in the film industry as it confronts new economic and technological realities.

The Little Ice-Cream Company That Could

Nearly thirty years ago, Gary Rogers barely scraped together the $14K he needed to invest in a struggling Bay Area ice-cream company. Today, it’s a $2 billion global business. This is no “plain vanilla” success story.


One-on-One with Peter Cuneo

Vice Chairman, Marvel Entertainment, Inc.

Baker’s back

After a two-year renovation and expansion, Baker Library is open for business. Take a step inside the School’s intellectual and physical center—a well-crafted balance of past, present, and future


Making History, Starting Over

Sir Ronald Cohen pioneered venture capital investing in Europe. Now he plans to do the same with social investing.

One-on-One with Thomas Riley

U.S. Ambassador to Morocco


One-on-One with Grover Norquist

President, Americans for Tax Reform

Do You Speak Business?

Global Management Norms in a Cross-Cultural World

Bringing Hope to a Violent Land

For JoAnna Van Gerpen, UNICEF’s Sudan Representative, supporting the health, education, and well-being of impoverished children is a labor of love.


Answering the Call

Classic Cases Live On at HBS

Venture Capital’s Comeback

Since the tech meltdown in 2001, venture-capital partnerships have trimmed staff, scaled back the size of funds, and gotten back to the basics of investing. For the top firms, business is looking up.

In the Blood

Robert Clay goes the distance as owner of Three Chimneys Farm, a Thoroughbred horse farm in the heart of Bluegrass Country.


Retirement's Changing Face

Five alumni talk about life goals, choices, and the pursuit of balance

A Life by Design

When it comes to product innovation, Ivy Ross thinks most companies don’t know what they’re doing. Perhaps they should follow her lead.


Across HBS Generations

Reunion Profiles Span the Decades

Promise & Perils

China Today

American Dream

Ted Hustead earns his spurs as the third-generation steward of Wall Drug, the West’s quirkiest tourist mecca.


Life Lessons

Profiles from the Class of 2004

Luxe Redux

Alumni talk about brand management
in a high-risk, high-reward market

Working the Street

MBA Cop Kurt Timken


New Horizons for Iraq

HBS alumni and students have played important roles in the successful military campaign and ongoing rebuilding effort in Iraq. Here, in their own words, they describe their experiences and offer thoughts on what may lie ahead

Derek Ferguson

Bad Boy’s Good Man

Toy Story

The educational toy market teaches serious lessons about competition


Business Answers the Call

Managerial Expertise Aids Education Reform

Roger Ullman: Going Green with E2

Another in a series of occasional articles on HBS graduates who have embarked on second careers.

Rural Renewal

A Profile of Torrey Reade

An Authentic Leader

A Q&A with Bill George


These Are the Good Old Days

Anne Moore and Her Classmates from 1978 Assess the Last 25 Years

Globalization Revisited

Highlights from an HBS Colloquium


Up Against The Firewall

Managers and Cyber Security


All in a Day's Work

On the Job with 2 from '02

Inside the Revolution

The Life Sciences Project at HBS


Steven Rogers

A Better Chance


Finding Their Way

Profiles from the Class of 1976

A Janus-Faced Reflection

So, what are we going to do with the next 25 years?

Making a World of Difference

Alan Slifka's Venture Philanthropy

Q&A: Orin Smith

Brewing Success at Starbucks


Merrill Lynch's Stan O'Neal

A Long Road of Learning

Q&A: Donna Dubinsky

The Whole World in Her Handheld


New Ventures New Gains

HBS Business Plan Contest Thriving

Beyond Accommodation

Jim Gibbons Blazes a Trail

Q&A: Suzy Wetlaufer

Practicing What HBR Preaches


Drilling Down

Beyond the headline-making mergers of corporate conglomerates, small, specialized oil and gas companies find their niche.

The Doctor Is In

Peter Slavin and the Art and Science of Medicine


Latin America's Decade

Business and the Challenge of Development

Vivek Ranadivé

Driving the Information Bus


The Class of 1975 in Review

Reflections by Hans Stumm

New and Improved

Profiles from the Class of '75

Laura Scher of Working Assets

Sharing the Wealth

Q & A: Bain & Company's Thomas J. Tierney

Tackling a brave new world


Going Public

The Class of 2000 Graduates

The Business of Biotech

Between the lab and the boardroom, biotech companies seek success in a future of dizzying possibilities

Q & A: Gustavo Herrero

Executive Director, HBS Latin American Research Center


Getting the Message

How the Internet is Changing Advertising

A Place in the Sun

The Business and Pleasure of Travel and Leisure


No Place Like Home

America's Housing Crisis and Its Impact on Business

Financial Services 24/7

The Emergence of Online Banking

Jerry Shafir: A Simmering Success Story

In an age of overnight e-commerce millionaires, one HBS entrepreneur is savoring the satisfaction of building a business the hard way.


Pearson Hunt

Editor, 1942-1946

Dan Fenn

Editor, 1955-1961

Ted Anthony

Editor, 1962-1981

Jeff Cruikshank

Editor, 1981-1984

Covering the Issues

Seventy-five Years of Bulletin Reporting

The Way You See It

A Survey of HBS Alumni on the History and Future of Business

A Class Act

Reflections on 75 Years of Alumni Notes

Q & A: Herb Kohl

Bucking the Trend


Eight Among Many

Profiles From the Class of 1974


Winning Combinations

Six from the Class of 1999

Where Main Street Meets Wall Street

Its phenomenal growth, based on its near-perfect fit with consumer needs and aspirations, has made the mutual fund one of this century's big success stories. How is it adapting to the age of the Internet and 21st century change?


An Eye to the East

HBS Inaugurates Asia-Pacific Research Office

Spirit at Work

The Search for Deeper Meaning in the Workplace

A Vibrant Brand

Keith Clinkscales takes Vibe Magazine to a New Level


Too Much of a Good Thing?

Overcapacity and the Global Economy

All in the Family

New Research Sheds Light on the Tricky Business of Running a Family Company


Managing the Business of Life

Five MBAs, Fifteen Years Later


A Long and Winding Road

Reflections by 1973's Class Secretary

A Community Investment

Social Enterprise and the Class of 1973


High Honors

In May, the School's annual Alumni Achievement Award was conferred upon six alumni, while two faculty members received the HBS Distinguished Service Award. Profiles of the honorees follow.


Diversity and Community

Two award-winning companies, both led by HBS CEOs, are redefining notions of corporate leadership. They are demonstrating how proactive workforce and community initiatives can spark organizational renewal and heighten competitive advantage.


World Class Learning

The International MBA Experience


Running Up the Score

Growth and Turmoil in the Business of Sports

Women at the Top

Leaders gain—and demonstrate—strength at new HBS Exec Ed program


Growing Together

HBS Initiative Fosters Social Enterprise in Business and the Community

Banking on HBS

World Bank Executive Development Program


Doing Something Real

A Classmate's Reflections on the Occasion of 1972's 25th Reunion

High Fives

Five of the many prominent figures in the finance field from the Class of 1972 get personal and prophetic.


Quick Studies

Six Profiles from the Class of 1997

Blockbuster Deals

Mergers and Acquisitions Make a Comeback



Doing It Your Way

The what, where, & how of entrepreneurship in the '90s


Entrepreneurship at HBS

A Message from Dean Clark

Starting Up and Starting Over

HBS Entrepreneurship in the Postwar World


Lasting Impressions

Steve Belkin, Eve Benton, Mike Feeley, Ed Mathias, and Joe O'Donnell—five classmates who know their class well—share their impressions of the life and times of the Class of 1971.