Current Issue: June 2015


Screen Grab

An inside look at how HBS alumni are redefining TV and changing what and how we watch


Higher Ground

How Carlos Miguel Prieto (MBA 1992) conducted a post-Katrina comeback for the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra


The Military and the MBA

Alumni on the intersection of business and service


   Reader feedback from the March issue and more


Lessons from a Megacity
   Searching for the blueprint for better cities

Fever Pitch
   Highlights from the New Venture Competition

@Soldiers Field
   "The Blonde Salad", biohacking, and more

In My Humble Opinion: Priya Paul (OPM 28, 1999)
   Checking in with the head of India’s hottest hotel chain

The Giving Tree
   Tracing the legacy of MBA fellowships

Fast Forward
   Tracking the growth of the US Competitiveness Project

Creating Change
   Learning from the integration of the Harvard Club of New York City

3-Minute Briefing: Rehito “Ray” Hatoyama (MBA 2008)
   Sanrio Company managing director on marketing Hello Kitty, movie options, and more

Walter Salmon Remembered
   In memoriam

Five-Star Research
   Rating online reviews


The End of Cows?
   Beef’s lab-grown future

Rebooting Europe
   Under Carlos Moedas’s watch, the EU makes efforts to innovate

Case Study: Sneak Peak
   A beverage company in need of a shakeup

Faculty Q&A: Reemerging Technologies
   Assistant Professor Ryan Raffaelli explains how mechanical watches, independent bookstores, and even vinyl records have found new life

Research Brief: If State Pensions Clean Up Their Books, Who Pays?

Ask the Expert: The Kids Are All Right
   Making sense of millennials

   Lessons from a modern business triumvirate, a second career via Swaziland, and how strategy fails

Alumni and Faculty Books for June 2015

IMPACT: HBS Campaign News

Exploring Global Business Practices

Learning from Global Immersion Experiences

A World of Support

The Evolving HBS Campus

The Harvard Business School Campaign: Regional Events