Current Issue: June 2016


How Do We Win the Cyberwar?

We’re losing the war against hackers, and it’s costing business billions. Alumni cybersecurity experts tell us how we can turn the tide


2016 Alumni Achievement Awards

Reflections and insights from recipients of the School’s highest honor


Again in a Great City

Detroit—on the other side of the country’s largest municipal bankruptcy—suddenly looks like a good investment. Developer Peter Cummings (OPM 13, 1988) takes us on a tour of the city’s real estate revival


   Reader feedback from the June issue


Up to the Highest Heights
   On the water—and in the air—with the “Kite VC”

@Soldiers Field

In Full Effect
   Charting alumni impact

In My Humble Opinion: Jennifer Raiser (MBA 1990)
   Burning Man’s bookkeeper on the art of the now

How Do I Get Your Job?
   Getting to Launch

3-Minute Briefing: Qasar Younis (MBA 2008)
   Partner and COO, Y Combinator startup incubator; Cofounder, Cameesa (now closed); Founder, TalkBin (acquired by Google)

Apply Here
   The new MBA admissions director discusses his own admissions experience and his hopes for the new role

Check Engine
   New documentary goes behind the US auto bailout


Pricing Paradise
   Calcuating the value of America’s national parks

Research Brief: Cultivating Creativity through Competition

The Big Business of Little Loans
   Commercial online lenders are growing up—and getting attention from banks and regulators alike

Faculty Q&A: Give and Take
   Assistant Professor Christine Exley on why we do—or don’t—donate time and money to charity

Case Study: Care Package
   A health care startup gets advice on selling its solution

Ask the Expert: Vary Well
   Diverse boards build better businesses. But where to start?

Ink: Author Q&A with Clay Christensen
   Why They Buy