Current Issue: December 2015


The Year in Ideas 2015

Dozens of new, useful (and sometimes surprising) business insights from the HBS community


Golden State of Mind

Tim Draper’s eccentricities have led him to some of his biggest wins in venture capital. Can they help him in his fight to reboot the entire state of California?


The Adventures of Amy Chu

An illustrated journey from the corporate world to Comic-Con


   Reader feedback from the September issue and more


Snapping Up Voters
   Hitting the youth bloc where they live—on their phones

How Do I Get Your Job?
   Mac Bartels (HBS 2016) asks Eric d'Arbeloff (MBA 1993) about his path to Hollywood

@Soldiers Field
   Kim Clark returns, drones invade HBS, and alumni veterans are recognized

3-Minute Briefing: Michelle Ross (MBA 2011)
   Manager, Sales and Operations, Goodyear

Launch Codes
   New HBS entrepreneurship director offers lessons from previous liftoffs

In My Humble Opinion: Joss Kent (MBA 1997)
   Tales from a life on safari

Electric Avenues
   Mapping the smart city

Euro Vision
   Filling a portfolio, by way of Paris and Prague

Kraft Gift to Boost Precision Medicine
   Kraft Family Foundation Establish $20 Million Endowment


Estonia, Incorporated
   The tiny Baltic country wants to become a Delaware for the world

Giving Advice
   Navigating modern philanthropy

Truth in Lending
   In the absence of financial data, how do you decide who is creditworthy? Just ask.

Case Study: Bionic Banking

Research Brief: What Makes a Mobile Money Service Thrive in an Emerging Market?

Faculty Q&A: The Price Is Right
   Assistant Professor Shelle Santana on what happens when consumers choose how much to pay


Alumni and Faculty Books for December 2015

IMPACT: HBS Campaign News

Preparing future leaders for tomorrow’s challenges

Complements to the Case Method

The Harvard Business School Campaign: Regional Events