Current Issue: June 2016


How Do We Win the Cyberwar?

We’re losing the war against hackers, and it’s costing business billions. Alumni cybersecurity experts tell us how we can turn the tide


2016 Alumni Achievement Awards

Reflections and insights from recipients of the School’s highest honor


Again in a Great City

Detroit—on the other side of the country’s largest municipal bankruptcy—suddenly looks like a good investment. Developer Peter Cummings (OPM 13, 1988) takes us on a tour of the city’s real estate revival


   Reader feedback from the March issue


Up by the Roots
   What does it take to reinvent a family farm for the modern era?

Taking Care of Business
   NVC winners’ post-victory progress

New Conventions
   Breaking ground on Klarman Hall

@Soldiers Field
   Bollywood workouts, Baker’s new collection, and Bain consultant takes over admissions role

3-Minute Briefing: Derek Bouchard-Hall (MBA 2004)
   Leadership, endurance, and the future of cycling

In My Humble Opinion: Julie Bishop (AMP 151, 1996)
   Keeping pace with Australia’s foreign minister

How Do I Get Your Job?
   Talking entrepreneurship with S’well bottle founder Sarah Kauss (MBA 2003)

Community Building
   New center to serve as a gateway between Executive Education and the HBS campus

Escape from Alcatraz
   And other ways to build a strong team, Boda Borg–style


Ears to the Ground
   Is there a tech solution to gun violence?

Research Brief: The High Cost of Election Expectations

Case Study: On the Table
   Should Gaia Design be a furniture company or a logistics one?

Prima Datarina
   The beautiful dance of dynamic pricing

Faculty Q&A: That’s Classic
   Leadership lessons from antiquity

Ask the Expert: Barreling Ahead
   What happens when microbrews go macro?


Alumni and Faculty Books for June 2016

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