The new alumni website is a significant advance on the previous version,
with many new bells and whistles. We'd like to take an opportunity to explain some of them.

The Homepage

This is where the entire online experience begins; it is where many of the most important new features are first encountered.
Mouse over the numbers 1-10 on the screenshot below for a detailed explanation of all the new features.

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Welcome Message

If you are logged in to the site, your name will appear in this space. Click on your name and you'll be redirected to your profile. If you are not logged in a large white box will display, prompting you to do so. That's because the website has built-in personalization tools that link the content you see with the information in your profile, such as your class and year, location, company, industry, and interests.
What's New

Click on this box to view a short video overview of the new website.
Hero Space

Every week we feature new stories about interesting alumni, and every day alumni post updates about themselves. You'll find all of that right at the top of the homepage in what we call the "hero space". Come back often to see what's new. Many of these articles appear online only, as a complement to the news we publish in the Alumni Bulletin.
Related Content

The black bars at the bottom of the large photo are "tags" that point you to content topics related to the article being displayed.
Shuffle the Deck

The "stories shuffler" to the right of the large photo is our index of the latest news. It's divided into three parts:

Community News – a list of updates from fellow alumni. When you're logged in, you'll see alumni news from your class. Click the item to view that person's profile. (When not logged in, you'll see general summaries of alumni updates.)

Top Stories – these are our most recent articles or videos. Click on the headline to go directly to that article.

All – this default view gives a mix of Community News and Top Stories.

Do you have a comment or suggestion about the new website? Or is something working in an unexpected way? Let us know by using the Feedback box on the homepage. We'll get right on it.
Search The Directory

Looking for a fellow alumnus? This is where you can search by a person's name, location, company, interests, and more. From this box you also can click a link to update your own profile.

Just to the right of Search the Directory is a set of links to commonly used features of the website, such as Class Notes, the Career Hub, and more.
Events & Reunions

When you are logged in, the list of upcoming events is sorted according to information in your profile, such as your class and year, location, and interests. You also will see the dates for your next reunion as well as any events to which you've been invited. (When not logged in, you'll see a general list of upcoming alumni events.)
Make a Gift

Logged in or not, you can make an online gift with just one click. If you are logged in, the message in this space will be a summary of your giving status. No one else can view your giving summary.